College Beach weekend takes place in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, Wah. (WAVY) – Resort City says they’re ready for college beach weekend at 2 p.m.

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“The city was created based on the intelligence we received,” Virginia Beach spokeswoman Tiffany Russell told 10 On Your Side. “We can react quickly when the crowd gathers. Now that may change, it seems like this is not an event.”

The weekend, usually crowded with college students, was quieter than expected.

The stage at 24th Street performs live music on Saturday nights, but there are not many people there. The people there seem to be having a good time.

Despite the increase in lights and police.

College Beach Weekend is mainly known for the weekend students from historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) coming to the resort for a weekend getaway before the finals.

However, there has been frequent violence over the weekend, and in the past the majority of the community has encouraged the city to find a way to make the event disappear.

As of Saturday evening, the violence did not appear to be a story.

“Of course they do a good job of keeping the crowds away from the streets,” said So Colin, from Portsmouth. “It simply came to our notice then. Lots of positives, great times, positive vibes OK, I wish there were more people.

This is similar to the distant view of the 17th and several blocks across the Atlantic.

A DJ was playing music for hours but there was no crowd.

Cold temperatures and an earlier than usual event can be blamed.

The College Beach Weekend, which previously took place on the fourth weekend of April, is now expected to arrive from April 8th to 10th. The City Manager’s memo was sent to the City Council on Friday, More than 15,000 people are expected to gather at Virginia Beach for the festivities.

Students say this was not expected.

Trinity George, from Central University of North Carolina, said: “I was hoping it’s kind of packed. “Everybody goes out for spring break and so on, but it’s really broad. Everyone is focused on their own affairs.

College Beach weekend in advance Something in the waterBut it does not sit in its shadow.

“There was something wonderful in the water,” said Alum Thomas Primus, of Winston-Salem State University. “It was the first festival I went to when it came to music. The atmosphere here was amazing. ”

Now, in the middle of a small crowd, he is looking for someone from his alma mater.

“I’m always looking for them,” he added. “I hope they do. If I do, I’ll buy them a drink or something.”

Police addressed the resort advisory commission on Thursday night Officials said they would go on patrol on foot, bikes and horses.

There is now a police substation on Atlantic Avenue.

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