Community Issues: Art and Society

Over the past few weeks, some very interesting things have happened in the community development and art intersection in Beaver County. These include the County Extensive Art Crawl, Spoken Word Event, Pop-up Art Gallery and Art and Business Conference.

The four events were organized by a Beaver County nonprofit called Genesis Collective. Collectively dubbed the “Art Madness”, this compilation of activities culminated in a year of planning, organizing, networking, fundraising, and more.

Each of the four events was created to engage in a slightly different group of creative participants and art lovers. Art Crawl temporarily installed community-created art in more than 20 local businesses across Beaver County. The spoken word event came to the creators from the surrounding area, each of whom performed in front of a live audience. The Pop-up Gallery publicly showcases all of Crawler’s (and other Beaver County pieces) works in one place. In the process, the pop-up gallery attracted more than 100 community art fans and featured a live view of the game by and about Beaver County residents that will be completed in August of this year. Finally, the business conference was aimed at local creators who are interested in developing their art-related business here in Beaver County.

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