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Huynh Thanh Vu, a worker in an electromechanical workshop, drives a machine with special parts based on his invention (photo: SGGP).

After visiting the company to visit the audience to see its innovations and to use its collaborators, Mr. Dao Anhu, head of the machine engineering team, food processing workshop, Vietnam Industry Stock Animal (Visan) Co. Proudly, he said, if the line had not been improved, there might not have been enough produce for the city at the time of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 disease in the city.

According to Mr. Wu, 8 workers were arranged in one shift and 4 to 5 machine operators and workers would work continuously to meet the needs of the market. Because the working hours are long and the workers have to work manually, the level of production is not high. From this fact, the mechanical engineering team actively developed the line, and changed the process of finished canned products, helping to improve the production line.

Thanks to the initiative, labor productivity has increased, the number of workers has been reduced to only 11 people per shift with one operator. In addition, technicians feel better because they no longer see their mouthpieces moving boxes of canned goods from one stage to another for processing. Now, all this work is being carried out by the conveyor belt.

In another company, Mr. Deng Ngok Phat, an employee of the City Wastewater Management and Operations Department of Ho Chi Minh City, has taken many initiatives. One of his innovations is sourcing out the dredging elliptical bridge. Previously, health workers had to go to the drains to remove the mud, they would be at risk. Especially if they work on high waves or at night. Recognizing these risks, Mr. Fatt suggested improvements that would prevent workers from going to the manhole to remove mud, increase productivity, and shorten working hours.

The equipment and machinery at the Lexin Packaging Enterprise factory, a branch of Lexin Corporation, are old. Unfortunately, labor has to be done manually for certain stages, so many waste products increase costs and reduce labor productivity.

As a result, M&E workshop staff invented a new design for the conveyor belt to perform manual steps by adding certain parts to the machines. The new components in the machines have helped to increase production and save costs on production operations.

Li Huangnan, deputy director of the Ho Chi Minh City Power Company, has participated in a number of scientific research projects aimed at advancing the development and modernization of the city’s power sector. Has made dozens of initiatives. One of them is the creation of a central SCADA system to meet operational requirements using Survalent software which is operated remotely at 52/55 stations, of which 11 stations are unmanned. This solution helps to improve work productivity and improve the quality of customer service. Stayed with the unit for 20 years and had dozens of initiatives.

Mr. Deng Ngok Phat of Ho Chi Minh City Urban Wastewater Company shared that the leaders have listened carefully, reviewed and facilitated many of his initiatives and other employees in the company. Their inventions have been put into practice to enhance the company’s work productivity.

Boi Nguyen Namkhai, president of the Lexin Corporation’s trade union, said the work ethic and creative work over the years has brought practical benefits to Lexin Corporation. To help build employee skills and creativity capacity, Lexin plans to train technical workers each year, developing creative incentives in a single workforce.

Innovative work is the key to this unit that is always innovating and growing, said No. 7 Nguyen Min Trong, general manager of the joint stock company Printing. Creative activities also help employees develop their capacity to complete their work.

In fact, there are initiatives and developments that bring significant results, and there are initiatives that are unseen and have long-term effects. In particular, improvements in the specific work of employees contribute to the shape of the work process, increasingly improving productivity. Therefore, the company always focuses on encouraging creativity such as rewarding and creating the right conditions for new ideas.

By staff authors – Translated by An Quan

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