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Vancouver, British Columbia & San Jose, California .– (Business wire) – Absolute Software ™ (NASDAQ: ABST) (TSX: ABST), a pioneer in self-healing Zero Trust Solutions, today announced new product innovations to track and analyze critical performance criteria for endpoints, users, applications and expanding critical performance metrics. Network connections. With new holistic insights into the endpoints add-on module and improvements to the diagnostics and experience monitoring capabilities of the company’s secure access solution, IT and security administrators will be able to distribute and manage historical intelligence to more, from the firmware to the network edge. Optimize device complexes, implement security policies and remote user experience in today’s work-from-anywhere environment.

Recent research from Absolute reveals that while the majority of companies plan to adopt some form of hybrid work by 2022, IT and security leaders face significant challenges in maintaining and maintaining distributed work environments. More than half (54%) of those surveyed agreed that the biggest challenge in managing risk is having the right technical tools to mitigate it.

“As companies continue to navigate the uncertainties of work from anywhere, access to data and the ability to create insights that can take action from it is never important,” said John Herrema, EVP of Production and Strategy at Absolute. “Must have operational intelligence to expand equipment, applications, networks and infrastructure, successfully implement Zero Trust principles and ensure that all employees – regardless of location – can work safely, effectively and productively.”

Absolute insights for endpoints – including OS patch health, software updates, application health and usage, geographic location, user behavior patterns and sensitivities – give administrators unparalleled visibility across their device population, real-time range of historical property and security metrics. Data disclosure. Customers can visualize these insights through a set of pre-built dashboards or create custom versions to suit their internal policies and needs.

Evan Ramon Castillo Morales, coordinator of tools for customer support at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentoria (BBVA), says: “Fully utilized, we have more visibility at our endpoints than ever before. “Insights for endpoints allow us to go deeper into the tool and our customer analytics, thereby helping us make better corporate decisions and protect IT investments.”

Absolute insights into the network (formerly NetMotion Mobile IQ) depend on the diagnostics and experience monitoring capabilities available through the company’s secure access product portfolio. New product improvements allow customers to quickly, level-track, investigate and correct end-user performance issues, even on company-owned or unmanaged networks. This includes broad coverage for 5G networks (e.g., signal quality, network availability, network coverage and network usage) as well as Windows 11 and ARM devices. In addition, security practitioners have increased visibility for the impact of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) policy enforcement (e.g., policy-blocked hosts / websites, addresses / ports and web reputation), allowing for immediate impact analysis and fine-tuning. ZTNA policies to reduce phishing, smuggling and malicious web destinations.

Complete insights for endpoints are available for purchase as an add-on module for existing visibility, control or resilience service tire customers. Absolute insights into the network are available as part of the company’s secure access product line (formerly NetMotion by Absolute).

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Complete Software (NASDAQ: ABST) (TSX: ABST) accelerates the transition of customers to work from anywhere through the industry’s first self-healing Zero Trust platform, which helps ensure maximum security and uncompromising productivity. The unique solution embedded in more than half a billion devices provides a lasting digital connection that enables visibility, control and self-healing capabilities to be matched to the workforce distributed across endpoints, applications and network access. . Trusted by nearly 16,000 customers, the G2 will be fully recognized as a leader in Zero Trust Networking and Endpoint Management for the winter of 2022.

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