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I am often reminded of how blessed I am to lead and serve in our district and what a great place our school system is for our students, staff members and families. We recently learned that ours The graduation rate is 98.3%, Which is significant, especially for School District 5A. This lesson represents the acute work of the high school staff, no doubt, and is also the culmination of wonderful educational experiences throughout our system and the strong support of our families. The graduation class is a team effort and teamwork is definitely reflected in our results!

In a similar vein, we have a very stable retention rate for our employees. So far we have an average retention rate of 95% for the school year 2021-22. When we add the resignation and retirement of a year-end staff, we are at a 93% retention rate. To break it down even further, the end-of-year retention rate of qualified staff (teaching positions) so far is 98% and classified employees at the end of the year so far is 94%. We are very proud of our staff and the work they do every day to keep our students at the heart of what we do every day.

We continue to work to implement our multi-year facilities plan. In reading you may notice a subtle change in this language away from ma Facilities program for 10 years. With the consistent increase in enrollment that occurred during the epidemic and a 5-year forecast of an increase in the rate of enrollment growth, the timeline of the existing program may shrink to some degree. This will be something to keep an eye on in the coming school years.

We are in the process of organizing the work for the border process that we plan to take place in November and December of this calendar year. Please remember we will move from two schools 6-7 to three (middle school in the north). Remember, this means we will have a middle school that contains both warriors and wolves. The same will be true when we open the third school 8-9 (Trailridge School). While we focus on this process at the intermediate level, there may be changes in some schools in other classroom ranges as well. Have we already mentioned that we are growing up ?!

Since it is related to the boundary process specifically, the plan is to work with our demographers to create two to three scenario maps at best to get things started. We will have some open houses in the schools to gather feedback on the maps. Under the guidance of the community feedback, we will make content improvements and then forward the proposed map to the council in December, or at the first meeting in January 2023.

have a nice weekend!

Dr. Brad Buck

Students lead the way


13 students were selected for the final of National Excellence Scholarships
We are excited to announce that 13 high school students (District Record) have been selected as finalists in the Merit® National Scholarship Program! This is a tremendous achievement and shows academic excellence in all areas of education. To continue reading, click here.

Change Life in Good Heart – Maple Grove Helped Iowa Tornado Victims
It started with a simple idea in a fifth grade class at Maple Grove. It is now an inspiring movement, gaining in popularity day by day. For more information on how you can help click here.

Facility and financial plan

Click here for the latest construction update video.

Construction and construction updates

Waukee Schools Natatorium New construction

  • The project was awarded to Henkel Construction.
  • Construction crews plan to enlist on April 18.
  • Look for a groundbreaking ceremony in the coming weeks.

Triridge SchoolNew construction

  • The project was completed by about 34%.
  • Prefabricated concrete wall installation continues
  • The construction of structural steel continues
  • A roof deck is installed over gyms, music and industrial arts

Elementary Sugar CreekNew construction

  • The project was completed by about 87%.
  • Continue to install interior finishes.
  • Installation of carpet, tiles and gym floor
  • HVAC equipment is installed and the boot process begins

Projects towards completion or termination of our program:

  • Timberline Stadium – Stage # 1 and # 2
  • Elementary Brookview – Addition
  • Prairieview School – Extra
  • Eason Elementary – Extra
  • Northwest High School
  • Vince Meyer Early Childhood and Office Learning Center

The board approved on March 10 to call for Elementary # 11, Waterford Elementary, scheduled to open in 2024

A culture of belongingYour voice

Mental health resources

Finding Help: Have you noticed a change in your child’s mood or behavior? Has your child’s behavior become too challenging to manage on its own? Click the guide below for answers on where to start. Mark the resources below so you can find them if the need arises.

Local resources for children with mental needs

Student Health Event – April 27th

The borough will host a student health event this past Wednesday, April 27, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Waki ​​Innovation and Learning Center (APEX Building). High school students (6-12) will have the opportunity to explore health activities in the areas of education, movement, art and nutrition. Some activities include yoga, pet care, a guided diary and group training. Students will have the opportunity to win a student activity card for the next school year and in 3-month memberships of YMCA.

Strategic plan

As we continue to dive into ours Strategic plan, We shared our core values, vision, mission and portrait of a graduate. So far we have examined in depth the priorities 1-3. I encourage you to take the time to read these priorities and get to know the “how” behind our strategic plan.

Priority 1: Learning, growth and equality
Priority 2: Connection, communication and information
Priority 3: Investment in our people

One task. One vision. One walkie.


Free meals end * Please read – more information will come.

Federally funded meals will be discontinued at the end of this school year. Be sure to apply Free and reduced Meals if relevant and / or fund nutrition bills properly for the start of the 2022-23 school year. If you have any questions, please contact our Nutrition Department at 515-987-2719.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iowa Eligibility

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