Congress contributes to the Council of Europe’s draft Convention on Artificial Intelligence.

“The governance of artificial intelligence (AI) and digitisation must be human-centered, focusing on human rights and sustainable development,” said Mr David Eray (Switzerland, EPP/CCE), Congress Spokesperson for Artificial Intelligence, at the 2nd plenary session of the Council of Europe Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) on 21 September 2022.

The Congress Spokesperson expressed the Congress’ support to the CAI in the development of the draft Convention of the Council of Europe on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law. This draft aims to develop common principles for the design and application of AI systems and to ensure respect for human rights in a context where AI systems assist or replace human decision-making. These principles are also upheld in the report on “Smart Cities and Regions” prepared by the Governance Committee, which will be submitted for adoption during the 43rd session of Congress on 25 October 2022.

“Artificial intelligence tools must be used wisely, in accordance with the requirements of the principles of the Council of Europe, in order to contribute to a proper functioning of local democracy as well as to allow better participation in local public affairs,” Mr Eray emphasized. , stressing the importance of adequate regulation for local and regional authorities, especially regarding the protection of personal data, cybersecurity and the integrity of electoral processes, whilst also calling for greater efforts to overcome the digital divide.


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