Converts Filipidia rebrands into affordable, affordable startup intelligence, allowing entrepreneurs to build high-ROI and competitive business

roiquant empowers founders to innovate

Analyze commercial feasibility when building fundraising pitch decks

Analyze commercial feasibility when building fundraising pitch decks

Join roiquant's Preseed Startup Competitive Watchlist

Join roiquant’s Preseed Startup Competitive Watchlist

Rebranding reflects its mission to assist entrepreneurs in reducing the risk of business failure

During our customer validation, I realized that early on there was not a very affordable startup intelligence powered by Quant Systems to serve entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In fact, almost nothing.

– Paul Lee, co-founder and CEO of roiquant

BSB, BRUNEI, April 11, 2022 / – After achieving its recent product development milestones, Affordable Startup Intelligence has redesigned its name as roiquant (pronounced roi-kwant) to further strengthen their brand in empowering founders. Competitive business produces high returns on investment.

ఎందుకు Why it’s important: Most business intelligence solutions are expensive because they are primarily developed for corporate problem solving corporations.

・ ”In other words, built for“ big guys with big price tags ”. So I envisioned an affordable business intelligence solution with intelligent quantity systems to empower startup entrepreneurs, to help small companies (“little guys”) build competitive businesses that return high ROIs, “said Paul Lee, co-founder and CEO of roiquant.

”So our new brand name roiquant, a combination of the two words“ ROI and quant ”, was taken to better align with our value proposition.”

Have a clear business idea? We help reduce the risk of business failure.

・ What’s New: In its recent product launches, the company has released proprietary pitch deck analytics in beta mode, which influences text AI technologies to analyze the commercial viability and fundability of the business.

・ How you can benefit: Customers can learn to create, distribute and capture value for their target audience in a structured and direct manner as they build their fundraising pitch deck, which means they can easily gain feedback to improve real-time analysis and value creation in their business, or to provide more competitive benefits Discover through business model reconfiguration and so on.

Fundraising? Our Pitch Deck Analytics conducts evidence-based assessment.

・ What’s next: The company recently announced that it is planning its first virtual precedent startup competition, powered by its outstanding solutions.

తో “With our Equity-Free Prize Money, we aim to enable world-class entrepreneurs to transform their ambitious dreams into effective realities that will make the world a better place and attract real potential advance or seed investment from our partner investors,” Lee said. .

సమాచారం More information will be shared in the coming months.

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With a hefty value plan, roiquant (roi-kwant) offers affordable startup intelligence for entrepreneurs who build high-ROI (return on investment) and strong competitive business. When entrepreneurs want to build a business with strong competitiveness, but do not have the right knowledge and affordable tools, roiquant solutions can help entrepreneurs validate the market so that they can make data-information decisions to improve and innovate their business. For more information on roiquant’s award-winning solutions, visit, follow @roiquant on Twitter and join!

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