Cookie Langs & App Launch Press University Oxford

Cookie Langs, a randomized learning program and artificial intelligence developer in South Korea, has signed a license agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP) to use the Oxford 2000 word list: a dictionary that contains all the important words that English is the primary language. . Foreign Language Students (EFL) must study. Cookie Langs will use Oxford 2000 in a real-time multiplayer game program called the Battle App. The program engages students in a round-the-clock competition game that tests their knowledge and retention of English vocabulary.

“We are always striving to bring our market-leading resources to dictionary learning to new audiences and to see that the Oxford 2000 word list is used in an innovative way by Cookie Langs,” said Joseph Noble, OUP English Language Teaching Licensing Manager.

Oxford 2000 is the latest list of words in the series, which includes Oxford 3000 and Oxford 5000. The list of words covers about 55-60 topics that are commonly found in primary / secondary school teaching materials, including “content” (animals, environment), “tasks” (classroom language, description of objects) and “concepts”. (facts, ideas and opinions, time).

“Using Oxford 2000 will help us take the Battle program to the next level,” said Sang Choi, executive director of Cookie Langs. “The words and examples are very good for young English learners. The result of this collaboration will be. Excellent educational service for young English learners. Cookie Langs will start contacting educational institutions outside Korea to increase interest in the Battle App. “

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