Crawford O’Saubel School District Seeks Rise in School Elections in May Elections

Elections in May will be held in a little over a month, and Crawford School District AuSauble is looking for voters who will approve an additional mileage for their school fees.

The proposed programs of Grayling Middle School.

Currently, their bond stands at 0.70 words – they are looking to increase it by 0.25 words.

“It’s a slight increase, about $ 12.50 if you have a house tax value of 50,000 a year,” said Superintendent Justin Debeck.

There are a number of projects that the school district is interested in carrying out, if the climb passes.

“In high school, we are looking to address some issues in our auditorium not only because of wear and tear, but also from end-of-life technologies with our lighting and sound system that we need to upgrade,” he said. “We are looking to expand our robotics program in our high school and create a better and larger dedicated space for this group.”

Elementary school is looking to replace some worn surfaces and install new playground equipment.

“We are looking to repair a number of damaged surfaces that have just penetrated water and widened a crack and just create some damaged areas near our sinks and classrooms,” Gluesing said. “Also look at upgrades and improvements to playgrounds, as well as traffic flow in our elementary school with our bus loop, and look to expand that and connect it to another entry point there.”

The biggest projects, however, will be in middle school.

“We are looking to do a number of things with the building, but also expand to unify our campus,” Gluesing said. “Opposite, we own a number of plots and vacant properties, and we are looking to close the last house that is in the area and connect, in fact this building to the larger campus.”

Paste said it would create a new area for bus / parents to pick up / drop off.

“This will allow our buses to stay single along Chestnut Street and create a separate parent pick-up and drop-off area and new parking off Spruce and Ottawa Street,” he said.

Debek said the mornings and afternoons were already busy with traffic.

“We have traffic flows that cross each other,” he said. “This will allow us to separate these traffic files and create only a safer download and collection area for students.”

The new download / pick-up areas will put more space for the middle school to expand.

“We are looking to make an expansion towards those new drop-off areas, which will allow us to expand our seating capacity in our cafeteria area for our students here, as well as create a new office complex and a secure entry point for students and families,” Debeck said.

Glue said these changes are needed across the county.

“It’s an increase, but with the quarter mill, we hope we have put together a responsible application for our community,” he said.

Elections will be on May 3rd.

You can see more details about the bond offer here.

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