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Regular training

AI is not only useful for training employees so that they can take on new roles. It can also be used to provide on-the-job training.

For example, mortgage services are currently under a lot of pressure to help borrowers who have suffered somewhat from the pandemic and are struggling to pay. There are many ways that these relationships with borrowers can go to one side, which can prevent the borrower from getting the help they need and can lead to increased stress and frustration.

However, AI-based technology can now be used to evaluate this collaboration in real time. Based on previous conversations with the same borrower, we can now analyze the borrower’s speech patterns and emotions to guide partners on how to create productive conversations – while they are on the phone with the borrower. The concept is similar to mobile navigation apps, which provide drivers with directions based on real-time traffic data.

Create opportunities for growth

Although some may believe that the use of technology reduces the importance of the human experience, the reality is that it actually increases it. Used properly, the technology also has the potential to eliminate bias in training and promotion opportunities that allow all employees, especially women, to reach their highest potential.

I am a perfect example of this. I started my career in the mortgage industry, working in customer service. Thanks to on-the-job training opportunities, I was able to move to new positions that oversee default, bankruptcy, and intermediation and closure, just to name a few. Through this process, I developed new leadership skills, became a better partner, and grew personally as I had the opportunity to learn the skills and interests of many amazing mentors and talented colleagues throughout my career.

Recently, I was recognized as one of the most powerful women in mortgage banking, an honor that I doubt would have been possible if my company had not developed a culture based on continuous learning and provided an opportunity for everyone to learn new skills. would not bring. For this reason, my advice to any woman looking for a successful mortgage career is to look for companies that not only talk about diversity, but also invest in resources so that anyone who wants to grow can thrive. to do.

Ultimately, smart organizations not only create great experiences for their clients, but they also do the same for their people – and creating a culture of continuous learning is one of the best ways to do this. Finally, in an area like ours that is dynamic and ever-changing, there is always something new to learn

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