“Creating Our Future: Creativity and Cultural Heritage as Strategic Resources for a Diverse and Democratic Europe.”

Within the framework of the Italian Committee of Ministers, the Council of Europe and the Italian Ministry of Culture will organize a conference of Ministers of Culture on April 1 in hybrid format (in Strasbourg and online). Italian Culture Minister Dario Francisini and Secretary-General Maria Peginovic Boric will deliver the keynote address along with other senior officials. The Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Oleksandr Takachenko, will address the conference in a statement, noting the negative effects of the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine’s cultural heritage and culture. , But also to show how they are dealing with this problem. Flexibility and use of your creative powers.

Culture, creativity and cultural heritage are strategic resources used to build a diverse and democratic Europe. Culture is a catalyst for political, social and technological change, but it is directly affected by today’s global challenges. Culture and creativity, cultural heritage and landscapes pave the way for freedom of expression (on and offline), support the development of artificial intelligence, strengthen civil society, encourage public debate and provide an educational platform for democratic citizenship. Art and creativity, heritage and landscapes can benefit from technological advances and help define a new reality. In line with the priorities of the Italian presidency, as well as the challenges associated with the digital transformation of our society, two questions will be at the center of the discussion:

How can we ensure that the specific legal framework developed by the Council of European Conventions on Culture, Heritage and Landscapes supports the community in meeting the challenges of our time?

What in the cultural landscape will guarantee the preservation of cultural diversity and freedom of expression in the digital environment, while at the same time expanding democratic participation?

Bilateral events will add extra practical flavor to the conference:

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