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The vision to bring the fine art of photography to the forefront was created in the city of Vernon.

Gary Sumner and Dan Mess have built a magnificent palace of photography in the same building as the Gallery Vertigo.

Doors open only to the 28th Avenue space, which offers memorabilia, special photography, a coffee bar, three studios and a board room. People are invited to visit the new location on April 7 from 6 to 8 p.m.

“We saw it when Gary contacted me via Visual Vision from my website to open a gallery studio to focus on fine art photography,” said Mess, who specializes in bodwear as the owner of Kahul Intimate. . “Also have studios to work on your own and be able to hire other photographers.”

With over 30 square feet of space, more than 30 rear decks, a roof-mounted state-of-the-art art studio with lighting, props and more, it is the only one of its kind in western Canada.

Sumner began his illustrative career 40 years ago as a freelancer for classic rock bands such as Rolling Stones, Queen, Bose and Elton John. He now specializes in landscapes, wildlife, weddings / engagements and studio painting.

The focus of Mess is to show all the people their courage, confidence and beauty through Boudware. Based in North Okanagan, Mess has been a photographer for over 10 years, and also takes family photos.

“There are also photo classes and guides on cappuccino,” Sumner said, adding that there is also free software for beginners.

Local photographers, such as Tom Skinner, are among those featured on the gallery’s walls, which change every month. The pictures in the exhibition are available for purchase. There are also over 100 antique cameras.

The open house will include a free drawing for a signed print on canvas.

At 100 3105 28th Ave. Navigate to the new location, and visit

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