Creativity, communication, and the business economy

By BK Single

Comprehensive communication and the proliferation of smart devices have led to an increase in the use of short video applications in India. Hidden talents in remote villages, in the arts, handicrafts, street food and entertainment, are now available all over the world. The artist’s work in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu or the Northeast is now accessible to the world.

Short video applications have helped rural, urban and tribal peoples of India use their volcanic capacity. A recent study by Ben & Co. confirmed the growth of the sector and predicted that India’s short form video market would reach 650 million users by 2025. India is an economy based on knowledge and skills, which is likely to remain.

The proliferation of short video applications has given India’s demographic and regional distribution an opportunity to maximize the benefits of the digital revolution. Within a short time of its launch, the wave reached its target of 80 million active users. In states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Tiki has around 2.01 and 2.2 million users.

Short video applications like Spark, Tiki, Taka Tak, Moj, and even Instagram Reels have benefited from the growing popularity among Indians. While these applications have provided a platform for Indians to showcase their talents, they have also created an ecosystem to hone their skills.

Short video applications have created a pool of small entrepreneurs. Changari took the first step towards the manufacturing economy in 2021, launching a feature that uses computer vision and sophisticated algorithms to detect objects in video and match them with the live shopping catalog on Amazon. In 2021, Instagram also announced its largest builder education and talent program in India. The program is free for all. It will provide access to live master classes from experts in the field, the latest product updates and trends, and options to open up money opportunities.

Traditionally, creators receive platform advertising revenue based on engagement metrics, such as the number of “views” or “likes”, a creator receives revenue. The heart-shaped “Like” down button is available on almost all video platforms at the end of the show. However, due to issues such as inflation of “happiness” and the use of unscrupulous tools to gain popularity in cyberspace, platforms are new ways for developers to make money out of their potential.

This is a good time for the Indian government to look at manufacturers as potential assets and future unicorns, boosting our digital economy and promoting our discovered potential. Builders’ access and influence can be used to promote a prosperous India vision. For example, builders of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities can develop an understanding of local culture, traditions, and undiscovered tourist destinations. Knowledge about the heritage of tribal culture is largely contained in scholarly articles and dissertations, which are largely inaccessible to the general public. Encouraging and developing builders in the tribal areas of the country can pave the way for brotherhood between backward and indigenous cultures.

Builders can potentially store knowledge. Collaborating with the creators will ensure that the content reaches the target audience. It will be one of the traditional and unusual ways of raising awareness.

Short video platforms are a two-way street, which conveys knowledge and understanding to vulnerable people, as well as gathers rural wisdom from unfamiliar areas.

Still at a new stage, the manufacturing economy is on the brink of growth in India which is being judged by its large user base, access to affordable mobile data and availability of budgeted smartphones. Communication and talent have created a playground at the level of learning, revenue, dissemination and sharing. There is only success and achievement.

(The author is the Director General of Dua Advisory and leads an advisory and consultative team of telecommunications experts in the areas of licensing, regulation, policy making and government affairs. The views expressed are personal.)

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