Creativity – Insightful “Trilogos Bacon” Series 4 Book

“People” by Linda Vera Roitelisberger

In “Creativity”, Linda Vera Roitelisberger teaches readers how creativity can help them reflect differently on challenging situations in their lives.

In the Trilogos Bacon series, author Linda Vera Roitelisberger takes a brief look at the individual aspects of human core competencies. In Book 4 of the series, the author talks about a word that is often used but often not well understood or only superficially understood: creativity. Together with his readers, the author looks at questions such as: What does creativity have to do with oneself personally? How can readers act and react differently in difficult situations when they use creativity? How can creativity help you deal with unforeseen challenges? This booklet provides some explanations and thoughts on these topics as well as exercises that may prove useful.

The spiritual book “Creation” by Linda Vera Roitlesberger is the fourth book in the Trilogos Bacon series. The author is a certified teacher born in 1956 and founded TRILOGOS in 1990. TRILOGOS is an institute for personality and consciousness training. She is also the author of a number of publications, most notably the censored channel to the spiritual world. Over time, she developed the trilogous method, which allows for self-guided individual or self-discovery. Other books in the Trilogos Beacaon series are 1 book “On the Path of Fundamental Belief”, 2 books “The Path of Inspiration” and 3 books “Individuality”. While reading books in the right order is very helpful, readers also have the option to simply choose one or two books which topic seems most interesting to them.

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