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The Pentecostal Ignite the Arts Festival received creative juices for many on Saturday, April 2 when the sculpture competition officially began at Okanagan Lake Park.

The open version of the competition was so successful that even the judges could not decide just one winner.

Two separate teams shared the ډالرو 200 prize when the co-winners of the event were announced at 4 p.m.

Competition in the competition, however, was secondary for one team. Instead, it was about building a statue that could bring the whole community together.

“Today is in sync with each other,” said Pete Field, the team’s co-ordinator at the festival’s sculpture competition.

“Because of the situation in Ukraine, it’s time for Kenny to be at peace and think of the people. We want to send them good energy.”

The field team used wood from the Simalkamin River to make a statue of them.

“Team Coordination” created their sculpture with Ukraine in their minds. “Because of the situation in Ukraine, it’s time to sit down, relax and think about all the people,” said local artist Pete Field.

The sculpting teams began work on their pieces at 2 p.m., and finished around 3:20 p.m., before the judge had about half an hour to discuss the winner.

The car sculpture and the world-inspired piece won the competition as co-winners.

The opening of the Ignite the Arts Festival began on March 25th. Described as a nine-day celebration of art and culture, the festival’s sculpture competition is set to be one of the final headline events of the weekend.

A total of 70 performances at six different Pentecostal venues make up the event, which is set to conclude with a later party at Slackwater Brewing on Sunday night.

Pentecostal art gallery curator Paul Crawford told Western News that he expects the final attendance to exceed 1,000.

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