Crying, you don’t need to be delicate, after learning these seven unforgivable rules of Pickball

Rule №1:
Come up with appropriate wishes

Imagine that you belong to this country even after the attempted bombing of the US embassy in the 1970s, but later correct yourself by listening to your own words. Bob and Tom in the morning (a conservative radio parade as dick and fart jokes) and then the service of an interdisciplinary association that destroys the spirit of the opposing couple will strengthen your status as an American and give you citizenship when the record of losing is revealed. to immigration officials.

Rule №2:
Get a valuable partner by proving yourself
naughty son in and out of court

When a prospective partner tries to make a small conversation that says, “I named my Tinder inbox” White Castle “because it’s often full of alcoholics looking for something cheap at night,” answer: ” Men are like calories. You don’t have to after 8 p.m. ”

When she doesn’t come back and asks, “Am I being rude to you or is it because of how you can be a witch?”, Don’t admit that you have the power of magical realism that Americans have in your culture. Instead, show that you have one DAR ZER. Say, “With one line, I can overshadow your calorie intake and your relationship with men. I can disguise the insults directed at you as an insult directed at someone else. I can force you to disagree with me.” agree to the statement so that I know this is a criticism. “

He replies, “You are an unbearable witch.” She will then suggest that you become two cruel cucumber partners who want others to invite you to parties in homes with balconies around them.

Rule №3:
Do not feel sorry for your new partner or yourself

For a very long time, gentleness was a feeling that felt like an impulse. You only felt it when you ran away from other feelings, like loneliness. Treat tenderness as a kind of fatigue that results from running away from your traumatic history, not as relaxation in the presence of something you love. Avoid feeling homesick. A home visit only describes the feeling when your past loneliness is in conversation with your present loneliness. Don’t be surprised at how long you remember the dream, often feeling the same as when the kiss lasts – long enough that you’ve forgotten something important about your past.

Remember, there was a time when English felt like a mirror and you couldn’t speak the language until you were free enough to form your thoughts in it. Although loneliness is also perceived as an inaccurate form of existence, and although the English word “solitude” describes a more relaxed form of loneliness and thus a broader understanding of oneself, avoid this understanding. It interferes with the dominance of your pickupball.

Rule №4:
The server hand should move upwards
as is done when giving a finger to someone

When Katie, who you play against, explains that the hand should move upwards while serving, she shows you that the service movement is the same movement that the hand does when it raises its hand to someone. throw your middle finger. Of courseyou think there is a less aggressive way to explain this rule. Anyway, you get the gestures back to Katie.

Rule №5:
There should be no contact with the ball
built on top of your unsatisfactory belt

You don’t have to serve the ball by hitting it above the waist, which Katie says is a rule that’s hard for you to follow because she can’t really tell where your stomach ends and the top of your muffin starts.

Rule №6:
Gap gap

Ask Katie if she is having sex with her pikball player partner. When she blushes and doesn’t respond, yell at her all over the network that she should have a manly standard and a measure of self-respect that is taken after her breasts: one looks a little lower than the other and none of it is very high. were not high. that with. From the admiration of other pickball players to how you imitate their way of speaking, what they call a “garbage talk” and what you call a “polite conversation that shows your interest in the other person’s inner life rejoice. Rest. Take out a bottle of rehydration fluid that you carry with you, even though your children have grown up. To create a personal version of “Mike’s Hard Pedialyte” add a splash of tequila.

Rule №7:
Winners have to help clear the network

When your son asks, “Is this true? Can you cast a spell as your partner asked?” When you take Doritos out of your bag, say yes. Enjoy watching him while eating to determine the validity of this claim. His flaws will be revealed to you in the midst of bites.

When he asks how your power works, tell him a story about your ancestors that fits within the realm of magical realism. Say, “Your great-grandmothers learned that when the Spanish landed in Costa Rica and learned their native language there, they found that bilingual thinking was more vulnerable to hypnosis for some languages. were from Ireland, they discovered what the English had learned from Irish. They learned how to use translation as a weapon. ”

When he doubts your answer, prove your power with your answer: “See if I can talk to someone who will allow me to take their place in the game of pickball.”

Ask the man with the tail if he is bilingual in Spanish and English. When the man says he speaks a little Spanish, start spelling. Tell him about yourself. Explain, “When my husband died, they couldn’t smell his body because he was a smoker. Balsamic liquids have to work hard to reach the organs of the body due to the deterioration of the arteries. Fluids cannot reach the fingers, toes, and lung capillaries. After decades of marriage, the feeling of love for my husband was just as difficult. “Then ask,” Should we allow our relationship to be maintained artificially? “

“I regret the loss,” he said.

“I’m alone” you say and don’t understand whether you’re practicing magic or acknowledging your true feelings. You say, “Lonely life to practice answering a question that never comes up. That’s why strangers are so interesting. They’re on the verge of asking a question that I never thought I’d ask myself.” When you create old memories, move your weight from foot to foot as if you are ready to run. Your dominant memories in life are images of escape. Your memory has a speed that seems to haunt you, not just to remember. .

Play with this tail man. When you win, help turn off the net, even though you’re tired and everyone you love has already left.

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