Crystal Police Help New Immigrants Learn How to Drive

4:03 PM | Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Crystal police, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and the Robbinsdale School District are teaming up to offer multicultural adult driving education.

Getting a driver’s license can be challenging, especially for people who didn’t grow up speaking or writing English or are new immigrants.

Laura Cotterill is from Columbia and recently got her learner’s permit after taking the adult driving class.

“It’s difficult for me because, in Columbia, you’re driving slow, and here you need to drive more faster,” Cotterill explained.

Crystal police and the Robbinsdale School District offer multicultural driving classes.

The program is in its third year. Crystal police applied for a $12,000 grant from the state to cover the class cost. Police officers teach the course and help students review the road rules.

The goal is to give people knowledge to take the permit test. Crystal police say the whole community benefits from the safe driver program.

“We want to make sure that if someone comes to this country, and wants to drive on the road, that one that they can, and two that they feel comfortable doing it,” said Crystal Police Sgt. Brandon Dorr.

The classes are free. However, the program doesn’t include behind-the-wheel driving.

Contact the Robbinsdale Adult Academic Program for more information.


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