Dahmer Series Actress Responds to Backlash, Hopes People Can Learn from What Happened

Keyla McNeely understands that not everyone is happy with the Dahmer show but hopes that people can learn from the horrific true story.

Netflix’s DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was a big hit for the streamer, pulling in immensely high viewership to become one of its most-watched shows of all time. But with that much attention came a lot of backlash, as the Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan-created series was not without its controversy. This includes some family members of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims expressing unhappiness with the show along with a crew member claiming to have had a bad experience behind the scenes working on it.

While Evan Peters led the cast as the titular cannibal, Keyla McNeely also appeared in the series as Dorothy Straughter. Speaking with TMZ, McNeely says she had a “wonderful experience” working on the series. However, she acknowledges that there are going to be people who are upset just as well as there will be others who love the series, noting that you “can’t please everyone.” The actress then explains how her hope is that viewers can learn from the tragic killings, and perhaps this could even help prevent history from repeating itself. As McNeely says:


“Some people didn’t even know about Jeffrey Dahmer. They didn’t know that the majority of his victims were Black men, and I think that’s really important to highlight. It’s very important to highlight the times that we were in at that point. in time, as far as how the police department didn’t do their job, as far as how they weren’t really doing much because it was a Black community. Black victims. And that transcends time. It still happens today.”

When asked if she was suggesting that there’s an educational benefit to DahmerMcNeely added:

“Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, we say it from day to day. History has been repeated, day to day to day, all the time.”

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There’s More Monster to Come on Netflix


Controversy notwithstanding, Netflix renewed Monster for two more seasons, noting that each new season will focus on different monstrous figures from different points in history who’d made an impact on society. It hasn’t been announced who seasons 2 and 3 will focus on. While McNeely is confident that Murphy will maintain the high bar of quality of he always sets for his shows, she hopes that there won’t be as much backlash moving forward as there was for. Dahmer.

“What I do hope is that while those stories are being told, I do hope that whoever the victims are, they are highlighted in such a way that they are okay with being shown on television… Anything Ryan Murphy puts out is a high. -quality series. We’ve seen it over and over again from anything he’s done. I don’t know who he’s going to do next, I have no idea, but hopefully it’ll be done well, and hopefully there’s not going to. be too much backlash, and hopefully, there’s going to be some honor for the people who were involved at some point in time.”

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is streaming on Netflix.

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