Defense Intelligence Agency: Traders and Needless Attacks, by Zachary Bidoma

Editor’s Note: Zachary Bidoma provided background on the activities of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in this article as he further addressed issues related to insecurity and terrorism.

Intelligence gathering and sharing are inevitably the main weapons in the fight against insecurity, especially violent crimes associated with terrorism and insurgency.

Zakaria Bidoma believes the DIA chief deserves credit for his efforts in combating terrorism. Photo Credit: (Daily Trust)
Source: UGC

As a continuation of that, Nigeria, like other countries around the world, has not lagged behind in establishing many intelligence-based security agencies responsible for protecting the country from any threats.

However, I always ask countless times about the stupidity and thoughtless attacks of naughty and vicious elements who want to create chaos, create inequality and misbehavior, that the DIA is the only intelligence body in Nigeria. Tensions in Nigeria’s military ranks.

These faceless businessmen, who in many cases acted as doom agents to launch their aggressive and malicious campaigns against the country’s top military intelligence agency, hid behind the scenes on several occasions.

In all cases, their baseless attacks were specifically aimed at agency leadership, led by the modest, powerful and working Major General Samuel Adebayo. A spy chief allows other security services to take credit for his agency’s efforts.

The DIA is the top military intelligence agency with the sole purpose of providing intelligence to the Nigerian Armed Forces, the AFN and the Ministry of Defense. In addition, it coordinates their activities and the activities of other security agencies, including the police, the DSS, and the NIA, especially on resistance in other surveillance-based joint operations.

For years, DIA has maintained its functions with a high level of professionalism and patriotism. Alas, it is very discouraging to know that some sponsored anonymous idiots who are afraid to open their faces will always be in a position to seize the slightest chance of unjustly descending on the caliber of the DIA and its leadership.

Recently, the Coalition of Rights Groups, a shadowy organization called The Peace and Conflict Resolution Initiative, led by Aliou Bello and Alliance for Justice and Peace Ambassador Jude Uchenna, requested the Secretary of Defense and National Security Adviser to rebuild the military intelligence agencies.

According to them, it is necessary for the country to be on a clear path to overcome the long-standing security challenges that arise as a result of banditry, kidnapping, insurgency and other types of crime.

However, to show their true color and expose their malicious intent, the sponsored group did not hesitate to call for the complete removal of the current leadership of the DIA. Why do they always attack the incumbent DIA chief who has brought many success stories against the insecurities in the country? Or did their sponsors have personal grudges against the agency chief and decide to foolishly use national security at Nigeria’s expense to settle their scores without considering national interests?

To set the record, the DIA has so far not deserved anything from the responsible people, but has been praised for its ongoing fight against insecurity in the corners and cranes of the country.

Thanks to credible military intelligence, many high-ranking criminals, including notorious bandit kingpins and top commanders of ISWAP / Boko Haram, were expelled along with their gang members.

But, it is surprising that some fake and faceless CSOs are never there to inspire and applaud our troops for their victories over non-state actors and other state enemies. Isn’t this a high-level conspiracy?

For example, recently, more than 200 bandits were killed in the Ghana community in Niger State by Operation Thunder Strike and Operation Gamma Iki’s Nigerian Air Force. Reports suggest that the military took action after receiving credible intelligence from high-level military intelligence regarding a bandit-terrorist combination in a particular area.

Don’t the so-called CSOs know about this news that dominates the entire public space? Surprisingly, apart from issuing press releases from their secret locations and holding press conferences, the so-called CSOs have never praised the bravery and courage of Nigerian forces.

It is worth noting that the DIA is behind the intelligence-based joint military operation. Some of them include the removal of the Most Wanted bandits’ Kingpins, Alhaji Oota and debris from the jungle on the Zamfara Axis in January 2022; The sinking of ISWAP fighters in the Marte River in February 2022 due to several airstrikes; ISWAP senior commander Mallam Ari, in-charge of Kirta Vulgo, and the removal of foreign mercenaries making improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for terrorists.

Similarly, the so-called ISWAP Caliphate markets were destroyed by ground forces during several operations in Borneo.

Since last year, some faceless but clearly sponsored groups have always been looking for any opportunity to attack military intelligence services.

They claim that in November 2021, a lack of intelligence led to the assassination of General Zirkush by ISWAP fighters in Borno State. They also noted that infighting within the military hierarchy is slowing the war against crime and insurgency in Nigeria. Fake groups that are afraid to expose their face have been unable to provide conclusive evidence to substantiate their baseless allegations.

One is confused as to what the groups want to achieve by uniting the Defense Intelligence officers for their relentless poisonous attacks. If their sponsors are interested in positions and contract awards, they are well aware of the processes that achieve it.

With the current wave of victories on the battlefield, the intelligence and security services need not be distracted by unemployed jobs and merchants.

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