Delhi: Community Accommodation Room is connected to an online digital learning platform to impart skills to students

The University Placement Room (UPC) from Jamia Millia Islamia has partnered with an online digital learning platform to provide students with important technical skills.

The platform is called the IBM Skills Build-CSRBOX Foundation.

“The Foundation is a digital platform for the development and training of skills in which students can acquire skills and courses related to the field. The partnership will facilitate free access to digital learning for university students by acquiring essential skills such as technical skills, professional competencies and job readiness skills, ”Jamia said in a statement.

“IBM SkillsBuild is a free digital learning access platform with more than 7,500 activities / training courses aimed at developing industry-related skills in students and job seekers over the age of 18”.

Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar said “cooperation in enhancing students’ professional skills and job readiness through their greater access will go a long way and bridge the gap between industry and academia ”.

Technical skills cover areas related to specific domains such as artificial intelligence, digital marketing, cybersecurity, data science, and more.

Professional skills include courses such as improving communication, critical thinking, and creative thinking.

“Preparation skills will include topics such as writing a resume, an interview, and so on. The courses are available online and are open to all alumni and graduate students who are registered on their portal. They will also organize several offline workshops for students in preparation for work, ”the university said.

An official letter of understanding (LOU) was signed between the two sides for cooperation. This is initially for a year.

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