Demand for training is growing, but L&D executives are burning

summary summary:

  • According to them, training is in high demand and puts “excessive” workload on training leaders. LinkedIn’s 2022 report on workplace learning. Each type of LinkedIn training program that has been tracked for training has seen an increase in projected deployment in 2022, reflecting the growing workload of training leaders.
  • Demand for L&D professionals in the second half of 2021 increased by 94% compared to the first half, the report said. In addition, about half of L&D executives surveyed said they expect larger budgets in 2022, the highest in six years of reporting. But given this workload, L&D executives have reported that there is significantly less time for their training; Compared to other HR colleagues, L&D executives spent 35% less time on personal development in 2021.
  • To address some of these challenges, the report suggests that training leaders need to focus on cross-sectoral partnerships, especially with other aspects of HR, such as talent discovery and people analysis.

Understanding drowning:

Last year’s LinkedIn Learning report showed a proven value of L&D throughout the pandemic. 2022 could prove that training investment has been here for a long time.

While there were leaders concerned about budget cuts According to a joint study by TalentLMS and the Society for Human Resource Management, at the beginning of the pandemic, L&D budgets actually increased during the pandemic. More than two-thirds of respondents said they were waiting the trend will continue in 2022.

However, burns are a serious concern throughout the HR career. The results of a survey released in February by the anonymous reporting service AllVoices show that half of all HR professionals said they were burned – and 72% of that share were looking for a new job. The survey says that HR managers emphasize the implementation of management goals. The LinkedIn report says this trend may also be appropriate for L&D leaders who have relied on them to adapt to change in their organizations.

But Burning is a story across the workforce and that’s it can affect learning at all levels of the organization. Experts have previously told HR Dive that to ensure continued success, L&D leaders need to lower staff expectations about their development so that people can engage in L&D.

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