Democrat working class issues and other comments

Liberal: Dems’ Growing Working-Class Woes

As “the fastest-diversifying state in the country – it has recently become a majority – a minority” Nevada should remain firm for Democrats, notes Ruy Teixeira of The Liberal Patriot. But their winning margins there “fell sharply from 12.5 to 2.4 points from 2008 to 2016” and remained at 2.4, even though the Dems gained nationwide in 2020. Problem: They are losing working class votes, including blacks and Hispanic voters. Catherine Cortez Masto’s seat in the Senate is at risk as voters are outraged by the loss of jobs due to the pandemic, gas prices and cultural problems, including border security. The deletion of the Title 42 rule, and thus the increase in the number of illegal migrants, may condemn it: it seems that the top democrats “still did not absorb the extent of their party’s problems with Hispanic voters and working-class voters.”

Climate table: The cost of killing fossil fuels

“Rich countries’ pursuit of carbon neutrality at almost any cost limits economic opportunities for the world’s poor and poses serious geopolitical risks to the West,” warns Jason De Sena Trennert of The Wall Street Journal. The fact is that fossil fuel exploration and production “has done more for the lives of ordinary people than any other technological advancement in history”: There is a “strong correlation between fossil fuel use and life expectancy.” Moreover, as the Ukrainian war shows, leaving these fuels in the country could leave the West at the mercy of dictators, “increasing the risk of atrocities.” On the contrary, loosening oil and gas regulations in order to flood the global market “would do far more than any sanctions to stop Vladimir Putin’s barbarism.”

Border Patrol: From Crisis to Disaster

“US border security will soon change from the worst to the worst it has ever been,” predicts Buck Sexton of Fox News. “With the White House’s recently announced decision to close Title 42 – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers, which allowed the expulsion of some illegal migrants from the United States during the COVID pandemic – the ongoing flood of illegal migrants will soon change. to the tsunami. “The Federal actually estimates” 18,000 illegal migrants [will be] detained every day at the southern border “, with almost a million illegal migrants passing through within six weeks. This will “completely overwhelm the system.” Unfortunately, this illegality will continue “unless Democrats fear an election in November.”

Democrat: Hunter could ruin the party

“The investigation into Hunter Biden and his business activities” is “evolving rapidly” and could soon become a “major election issue,” Douglas E. Schoen writes in The Hill. As “more information comes to light, the risk of this becoming a problem for the president increases.” There is already “some circumstantial evidence” that Joe Biden “actively assisted in his son’s business” for the “collective benefit of the Biden family.” If it turns out that “President Biden was not only involved in Hunter’s dealings with Chinese state-owned companies, but also profited from them,” “this would be a politically disastrous development for the president” – and “what is likely now red wave elections could change. to a massive explosion that is more substantial than anything we’ve seen in recent history. “

Foreign table: Where Putin ends

“Most comparisons” between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler “are exaggerated,” notes John Gray in The New Statesman. “Although the atrocities committed at his command are on the rise,” Putin “did not launch a colossal genocide campaign, as the Nazis did. His strategy in Ukraine – which aims to conquer the country by destroying its cities – is the same “he used in Syria. “But in their opinion, Hitler and Putin may have something in common” – something very dangerous. “Putin is no longer just a kleptocrat who has been in power most of the time, but he seems ready to destroy his country to leave his mark on history.”

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