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Colorado Springs, Colo., April 1, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Motion Intelligence is launching Destroyed Driving Awareness Month today and is strengthening its mission to raise awareness on reckless driving. We are proud of the efforts of NDD, the National Highway Safety Council, Together for Safe Roads, the National Safety Council and many other organizations working to raise awareness about the severity of this problem and ways to prevent it. .

The rate of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths caused by smartphone distraction continues to rise. Such as Shared by EndDD“Somewhere in the US a pedestrian is killed every two hours and injured every 7 minutes due to chapterless driving.”

In Motion Intelligence, we find that technology addiction is the root cause of distracting driving caused by mobile devices. The dopamine rush we get when we hear a “ping” on our devices prevents our phones from being deliberately put down while on the wheel. That is why our company is committed to developing technology that supports Fleet Drivers in adopting safer driving behaviors. Evvy App Destruction-Prevention Software.

“The responsibility of distraction driving is a burden that we all share to improve the safety of our roads for everyone,” he said. Sue Spreadley, CEO of Motion Intelligence. “We believe that technology can be used to prevent technical distractions, which can be fixed before a problem occurs.”

Motion Intelligence Destroyed Driving Awareness is delivering a message to the events of the month about the importance of investing in technology so that drivers can have secure relationships with their smartphones and other mobile devices. You can learn more about Fleet Safety and our unique solution at the upcoming Idelic Fleet Safety & Operations Conference April 4-6Where James Kernel Ways to effectively manage and reduce distracting driving incidents and on display at the National Private Truck Council Conference April 9-11.

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Motion Intelligence, Inc., provides software solutions to prevent distracted driving. Motion Intelligence’s flagship products, the Evvy App and the MotionIQ Evvy Manager Dashboard, are designed to be affordable, efficient solutions for aircraft of all sizes. Learn more:

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