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In today’s fast-paced workplace, an increasing number of roles and responsibilities are intertwined with legal issues. In response to this change, higher education has also evolved, and the Gulf School of Law at USC is at the forefront of meeting these needs.
In 2016, USC Gould, which ranks among the top law schools across the country, launched an innovative online Master of Laws (MSL) degree that helps nonprofit professionals improve their business experience with important legal knowledge. From contracts and compliance, to finance and HR, to cybersecurity and IP, the MSL online program offers a specialized training program to give students a broader understanding of key legal concepts.

About MSL and its benefits

The USC Gould MSL degree is a career-oriented program that provides students with skills and knowledge in important legal issues related to their professional fields. It has attracted non-legal professionals from a number of fields and sectors, including business, finance, media, entertainment, human resources and health, among other areas.
Students have the opportunity to complete a degree 100% online and have the flexibility of distance learning, which makes MSL the best format to balance work schedule requirements. Most online course work and study activities can be done with the student’s personal consent. Throughout the program, students are supported by a team of experienced counselors who offer one-on-one guidance from course selection to career development.
The experience of online classes is taught by loyal and outstanding teachers, including experts and leading scholars, who share in online classrooms and include a small classroom size that allows for more collaboration between students and teachers. Each class also offers face-to-face sessions, in which students participate in real-time collaborative discussions and further enhance learning opportunities.
The LSAT or GRE test is not required; and no law degree required. USC Gould will automatically consider scholarships for all applicants.
In addition, preferences extend beyond the classroom. MSL alumni will have access to the global Trojan family network, which includes connections to more than 14,000 USC Gould alumni.

To achieve your goals

MSL students can adjust their academic experience to meet their individual interests and professional goals by obtaining certifications that are relevant to their respective fields. These certification programs can be done as part of your MSL study at no extra charge.
Sectoral certification programs include:
• Business Law
• Entertainment and Industry Law
• Human Resources Law and Observance
• Privacy and Cybersecurity Act
• Compatibility
• Financial compatibility
• Health compatibility
Recently, the popular MSL program expanded its online Law and Entertainment Certificate with new course offers that cover Dealmaking in the entertainment industry; Digital media circulation; The law of music in practice; and negotiation skills.

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