Do schools kill creativity? | By William Barter | April 4

Our natural creativity is destroyed from the moment we are born.

“Some saw what they were and asked why. I saw what it could be and asked why not – Pablo Picasso.

Are you talking about all the dreams you have with friends of the night? Would you dare to use the little voice you make when you are in close contact with strangers? I think maybe not. The weird nature of our dreams and the funny tone of our voices when talking to our close friends would be embarrassing to other people. At least that’s what 98% of adults believe.

I remember when I was a kid and stealing my mother’s dishes, then throwing them away and everything in a big aluminum tub that was full of water. The idea was to build a city, using vessels as buildings, forks, knives and spoons as bridges and roads. Residents? Yes, as a city it will need to live in that place. The backyard mice were the main characters in my story.

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As they had no place to go, because of the water that surrounded them, they had to go through the whole structure. For a 5 year old it was a great fun experience. There was no shortage of food for my subjects, I even fought with my mother to get the sugar out of her bag. The intentions were good. At least for me at the time, it made a lot of sense.

I recently met TEDxTucson with Dr. George Land, who dropped a bomb when he told viewers about the shocking results of a creativity test created for NASA, which was then used to test school children.

NASA has teamed up with Dr. George Land and Beth German to create a highly specialized test that will give them the tools to effectively measure the creative potential of their scientists and engineers. The experiment was very successful, but some important questions remained for the scientists.

Where does creativity come from?
Are some people born or raised with it?
Or is it the product of our experience?

The scientists then applied the test to 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5. What they found was shocking. The tests looked at the ability to come up with new, different and innovative ideas for problems. What percentage of these children do you think fall into the category of “imaginary intelligence”?

98% in total!

But that’s not the whole story. It becomes even more interesting.

The scientists were so surprised that they decided to study for a long time and five years later tested the children again when they were ten years old. The result? Only 30% of children fall into the same category. When children were examined at 15 years of age, the number dropped to 12%!

And what about adults?

How many of us are still in touch with our creativity after school years?

Unfortunately, only 2 percent.

and now? Can we regain our creativity?

Dr. George Land says we have the ability to be at 98% if we want to. From what they have found in children’s studies and how the brain works, there are two kinds of thinking. They both use different parts of the brain and this is a completely different representation of how it shapes something in our minds. One is called diversity – which is imagination, used to create new possibilities. The other is called reciprocity – this is when you judge, decide, test something, criticize, and evaluate.

Disney Pixar Inside Out

Diverse thinking works like a accelerator, and variable thinking is a kind of break. “We know what happens to these kids, when we teach them, we teach them both types of thinking at the same time,” Lind says. When someone asks you to come up with new ideas, as soon as you put them there, all you hear in school is: “We’ve tried this before”, “It’s a stupid idea.” “, And” it will be “not working”, after all.

When we really look inside the brain, we see neurons fighting each other and reducing brain power because we are constantly judging, criticizing, and censoring the brain. “If we work in fear, we use a small part of the brain, but when we use creative thinking, the brain shines,” he says.

And what is the solution?

We have to find that five year old again. This ability that we have as a child is never lost. “That’s what you practice every day when you sleep,” Lind reminds us. And challenge us: turn on your “five year old” and come up with 25 or 30 new ideas on how to use a table fork.

Kids are creative because they have no commitments.

You don’t have to worry about other people’s judgments. Of course, they are judged during their miserable lives, and this is their creative capacity, day by day.

A 5 year old child is 98% naturally creative, pure and ready to grow, and we still can’t afford to deal with it. Combining a wide range of tasks just to make them ideal adults is not effective. That’s not enough. And psychiatric offices have statistics to prove it.

There is room for evaluation when we look at the world as it is: pain, stress, violence, drugs, insomnia, shortness of breath, and depression.

This is my new book, take a moment to learn more about creativity.

Could it be that all the abuse that plagues society is not related to the lack of “childhood”? Aren’t we too big? Schools are like factories: with uniforms, sirens, schedules and goals that must be met. We students, instead of giving birth to intellectual creatures, are filled with hard, strange dreams, which can lighten the weight of such a miserable world, with many empty promises of achievements that never happen.

Revolutionary schools, in many parts of the world, are experimenting with new methods, keeping children indoors for hours on end, without doing homework, focusing on group activities to generate ideas and free thoughts.

Seems to work: Unacceptable drop-out rates and constant visits to some of the world’s best education systems. That should be sufficient enough to prove that we need to make some changes.

The lack of creativity in our daily lives, the idea that creative processes are a waste of time, unnecessary, or that it is the privilege of a small group makes things more difficult. There are a lot of people out there who can’t manage their lives, make healthy decisions, vote consciously, and experience the right level of pure, true happiness, just because a child was abducted years ago, when The future may be different. Place of your birth.

It may seem crazy, but, in the end, the madness will be to see “what can happen” and not have the courage to ask: why not?


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