Do we need to teach girls to control their natures?

In a column at North State Journal, Dennis Prager argues that society has largely recognized the need to control the natural tendency of boys towards physical aggression and predatory sexual behavior. However, he says we have not focused on raising girls to control THEIR natures.

Specifically, girls have to learn to control their emotions.

Just as the male sexual drive and violent impulses can overwhelm their conscience and their ability to think and act rationally, emotions can do the same thing in girls and women: overwhelm their conscience and their ability to think and act rationally.

However, it should be obvious that at least two generations of parents — especially among the well-educated — did not teach many of their daughters to control their emotions and think rationally.

The result is that women are disproportionately active in doing damage to our society.

Prager ties this failure to constrain the emotional nature of women to the rise of “gender affirmation,” coddling children to remove any obstacles from their paths, as well as the “hypochondria and apparent inability to apply reason to COVID-19 risk” that led. to schools being closed for two years.

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