Domain Codex Launches New Search Engine Tool for Domain Intelligence Research

Powerful Domain Codex allows users to search over 370 million Internet domain names and associated data

New York, United States, March 14, 2022 / – Erie Data Systems, LLC (Erie, PA) Domain Codex is pleased to launch a new search engine tool to make domain intelligence easier to research. Platform to use.

The domain codex is designed for cybersecurity, brand protection, open source intelligence, law enforcement and other groups research domain or website related data. There is no other in the market like this powerful tool that allows users to search over 370 million internet domain names and all the associated data.

The domain codex allows users to search in-depth data on domain-related information at more than 20 data points across root domains, allowing for a broader and more extensive search of domain intelligence data. With Domain Codex, users can quickly identify domains by combining and matching data points of interest, and easily link and compare other domains that share similar or similar data,
Turning it into a kind of tool for intelligence research.

A domain codex spokesperson said that the creation of this tool was motivated by the limitations of obtaining key information for domain intelligence research – not for one domain, but for all root domains on the Internet. The domain codex has crawled the web and created a proprietary database of over 300 million domain names that can be used to search for domain intelligence in a combination of more than 25 filters.

Additionally, the Domain Codex can be used for brand protection, phishing research, and research into counterfeit and fraudulent websites and domains.

Other search engines provide website search, but do not specifically provide the root domain and accompanying data points. And many tools collect only one type of data and do not provide a comprehensive view of the domain, the representative explained.

The domain codex can be used in real time using its direct search function.

It has a compatible web interface and can be used for one-off or manual research through its API, which supports all major data output formats and makes it easy to integrate with current external systems.

The domain codex also provides custom lists based on keywords, tld count and more.

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