Dyscalculia Virtual Conference 2023 – The importance of using visual materials in maths learning

Dr Rosemary Russell – Director – AR & RR Education Ltd

How to Help Parents Develop Mathematical Resilience in their Children

A child’s attitude to maths, and their chances of success in the subject, is often unwittingly shaped by the attitude of the parents. Thus, helping parents to nourish their children’s attitude to maths can improve their ability to learn the subject. Fortunately, the things that parents need to be doing (or not doing) do not require any specialist maths knowledge, and they are really very simple.

Dr Russell is the author of ‘Help Your Child DO Maths Even If You DON’T – 10 things that anyone can do to help their child with maths’ and in this talk she will share the key messages regarding parental engagement and developing mathematical resilience that parents need to know.

Target Audience: Senior Leaders, Heads of Mathematics, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and SENCOs. Suitable for both Primary or Secondary.

After gaining an Honors degree in Pure Mathematics, Probability and Statistics and a PGCE from the University of Sheffield, Rosemary taught in London, and then moved to Dorset. She took a career break from teaching to run a small fashion business when her children were young. Her dabble in the business world gave her valuable insights as to how those outside education view what goes on in school.

The things parents said to her in that time led her to write her first book, Maths for Parents (Piccadilly, 1996). This led to the invitation and encouragement from Dr. Bob Burnden (then at the University of Exeter) to do research in the field of parents helping their children with mathematics, which ultimately led to Rosemary being awarded a PhD from the University of Bristol in 2002. , with Professor Martin Hughes as her supervisor.

Rosemary is now focusing on her writing and consultancy work, and giving author talks based on her latest book, Help Your Child Do Maths Even If You Don’t.

Help Your Child DO Maths even if you DON’T: 10 things that anyone can do to help their child with maths: Ten things that anyone can do to help their child with maths: Amazon.co.uk: Russell, Dr Rosemary, Russell , Adrian: 9781838112813: Books

For more details about Dr Rosemary Russell, please see her website: www.maths4mumsanddads.co.uk.

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