Echo360 is launching a brand new, extensive portfolio of solutions to encourage learning

A new image of the company and extensive solutions will be presented with website events and new brand experiences.

NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Echo360, the most comprehensive, global and SaaS-based video learning platform for creating, delivering and measuring learning engagement results in any learning environment, has launched a new brand expression and direction that enables the company to transform. giving training reflects. the experience of engaging people and organizations around the world.

By the end of 2021, Echo360 has integrated its advanced video recording platform, streaming and content management with a wide range of Turning engagement training, survey, authorship, evaluation and content solutions. Since then, the company has attracted a wide range of customers, employees and stakeholders globally to develop the brand and new direction, which is presented today at and promoted through relevant events around the world.


Depending on its company’s DNA, Echo360 has taken a collaborative approach to developing expression and a new direction for its brand, engaging stakeholders in the rebranding process to meet the current needs and future potential of its broad customer base, now in education, business, and government markets. . “The culture of collaboration between Turning and Echo360 was one of the driving factors behind the purchase, and both companies have earned a reputation for deep communication and customer trust,” he said. Murod Velani, President and CEO of Echo360. “We have listened carefully to what our customers tell us what they are doing, they like it, the new company can do even better to meet their needs and this can be reflected in our brand, position and direction. ”

“The learning landscape has changed dramatically over the last two years, requiring a wider set of tools and methods to engage every learner no matter where they are or how they are learning,” he said. Carla BerryDirector of the Center for Teacher Training University of Southern Illinois. “New directions and broad solutions from Echo360 are coming at the right time for educators now and in the future looking for a comprehensive and partner approach.”


A key component of the brand’s new expression is what the company calls the “Ecosystem” – a dynamic architecture of how a portfolio of engagement decisions is designed and built to achieve engagement and training results for its customers.

“The Echosystem experience framework takes all of our extended suggestions – from video management to content development to evaluation – and places them in a framework with a learner, teacher or administrator at the center to help them achieve their individual learning experiences,” he said. . Jeff Peterson, Echo360 Chief Marketing and Experience. “An ecosystem is more than a long list of features and functions – it is the framework of our scalable experience of individual and customized decisions that relate to relationships, environments, content, and evaluation necessary for any learning experience.”

In Echosystem, the best Echo360 video solution (EchoVideo) strategically aligns with the response and engagement of popular audiences such as Dojo360® and PointSolutions (EchoEngage), industry-leading evaluation tools such as ExamView (EchoExam) and top rankings. content creation solutions such as Knowbly® (EchoAuthor).

“What customers love about Echosystem is that it leads to the flexibility and adaptability of the best Echo360 class capabilities to help them achieve their mission,” Peterson said. “It offers advanced learning engagement tools used daily by thousands of schools and businesses around the world, and our portfolio of solutions will be expanded within the framework of the Echosystem experience to meet the growing needs of our customers.”


The Echo360 brand’s new experience also introduces its “e3” formula for inspiring learning, leading the way in product and application development across geographies and markets:


Create equal opportunities for engagement and advantage regardless of environment, access and ability.


Inspirational actions and interactions with content, teachers and peers that deepen understanding and communication.


The scale of progress and results are experimental.

Velani said: “Our e3 formula is not a campaign, it is a commitment. “With our solution portfolio, our global reach and the deep relationships we have with our customers, Echo360 is uniquely positioned to provide learners and our industry as a whole by addressing equality, engagement and evidence in a very comprehensive and very realistic way. create. a real sense. ”

The e3 framework has already been applied to the Echo360 grant in 2022, where the company will reward as much as possible. $ 140,000 in cash and software grants and the upcoming EchoExperience Community Conference it will also strengthen e3 by inviting speakers and presenters from around the world to address the impact of equity, engagement and argumentation around the world.


Echo360 invites customers to get acquainted with the brand and new direction through various experiences this month, including:

  • New website at
  • Workshop for applicants seeking funding through the 2022 Technology Grants Program
  • A virtual round table with the Echo360 Advisory Board, which discusses trends and impacts of training engagement
  • Pre-registration for the EchoExperience 2022 Community Virtual Conference
  • An introductory webinar that provides an overview of the Echosystem and its extensive solutions

Free registration for the Echo360 brand launch event can be found here.

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