Elden Ring: 10 Tips for Building Intelligence

One of its many similarities Dark Souls, Elden Ring Has a deep focus on character creation. There are many parts between figures, talismans, weapons, spells and the Ashes of War. Elden Ring Build. However, it is important to determine the main statistics of the build.

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Intelligence Builds, focusing on that stat and the weapons and spells that come with it, already stands as one of the most powerful build types in the game. However, all this is not plain sailing and there are some things that players can do to make their lives easier as one.

10 The meteorite crew are exceptional at the start of the game

Powerful meteorite staff item in the Elden Ring

There is a complex system for detecting the damage of witchcraft Elden Ring, Which utilizes scaling by spell, character intelligence and staff used to spell. It’s related to the staff’s scaling, which affects how much the character’s intelligence affects other statistics.

Most beginner-game personnel, until they upgrade, have C or lower, much lower intelligence scaling and are less effective. The meteorite staff, however, found with S scaling that it was the highest possible and the deadliest in the early game. The downsides are that it requires going into a dangerous kyloid to get it and not being able to upgrade it, which will be more useful later on to other staff.

9 Glintstone Pebble is the most effective spell

The Glintstone in the Elden Ring was damaged using pebble magic

One of the first charms that many players get remains one of the most effective throughout the game. A shot fired in front of a caster in the Glintstone Pebble hits the enemy and injures him. However, it is fast and uses very few focus points for each casting. With its damage, it has the best ratio of damage to focus points spent on any magic.

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It has some obvious disadvantages, however, relatively low comparative loss, lack of flexibility and general inertia. Despite these, it remains a very useful range option and many players will benefit by keeping it as an option, even if they get more impressive and destructive magic.

8 Frostbite can be fatal

Tornish using Horror Frost Stamp Weapon Art in the Elden Ring

Intelligence is best associated with witchcraft and magic weapons, due to which the stat is widely used. However, they are not the only way to build an intelligence-centric character. Frostbite is a condition effect Elden Ring It can destroy enemies. As it rises, it fixes the damage, reducing the rate at which the enemy regains power and causing them damage in each attack.

Frost has become one of the most popular build types Elden Ring, Especially in PvP, and it utilizes intelligence. Many of the weapons that cause frostbite require intelligence and some form of scaling with stat and status build-up. As such, Frost is invaluable to intelligence builders, whether as a focus or as a minor part.

7 Limgrave Waypoint Ruins is a good starting-game location

Sell ​​the Sources in the Waypoint Ruins Cellar Limgrave Elder Ring

Elden RingOne of the most acclaimed episodes of the Open World game, has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. However, it can be difficult for a player to figure out where to go first, as they can increase their power before trying the tough bosses of the game.

Every build wants to move elsewhere, but intelligence buildings can be a great way to get to the Limgrave Waypoint ruins. Despite the challenges to overcome, with less time to clear them, the player can gain access to Sellen the Sourceless, which can sell many valuable charms that are NPC.

6 Prisoner and astrologer are the best beginner classes

Character creation for the prisoner class in the Elden Ring

Elden Ring It is not uncommon for all its classes to be dictated by startup equipment and statistics. Any class Elden Ring You can use any device, search anything and build whatever the player chooses. However, those starting tools and stats have the potential to guide how a player wants to build their character, which is an important choice.

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For intelligence builds, there are two obvious standout classes. The astrologer begins as a pure magic character, with high intelligence, access to many enchantments and nothing more. Prisoner is more suited to a mixed class, both intelligence and dexterity, beginning with the Estoke sword and a particularly powerful enchantment.

5 It is important to hypnotize to suit the circumstances

A tarnished memorizing spell at the Site of Grace in the Elden Ring

Learning the letters Elden Ring It is very easy to have a spell in the player’s inventory and rest on the Lost Grace site. While there, a player can switch to another spell they can currently cast, losing the ability to transmit the previous ones, but accessing the latter whenever they want. Also, it is easy to play flexibly, especially with so many memory-boosting items Elden Ring.

Some spells are well-suited to specific situations, specific enemies, certain structures, and specific player preferences. Under no circumstances is there a universal best set of magic or sorcery, and players should try some and see what works best for them at the present time.

4 The scholarly weapon is good for hybrid structures

A Tornished Casting Scholars Armament in the Elden Ring

Even the most spell-focused characters eventually have to back down in a melee fight. Attacking spells are powerful, but are limited and do not fit every situation. Also, it is important to get a weapon that can deal damage with the stats the player builds.

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There are many ways to get weapons of mass destruction based on intelligence, some even natural ones. However, one player may find that using another Stat building, such as Intelligence and Strength, the Scholars’ Armor spell to buff the mundane weapon to deal with magical damage can be very versatile and cause a great deal of damage.

3 The Glintstone Wheatblade is priceless

Glintstone Wheatblade in Royal Lucaria Elden Ring

Ashes of War is a major component of the system customization Elden Ring, Allowing players to provide powerful capabilities to their weapons and influence how well they scale with specific figures. Specific Ashes of War can be used to provide intelligence scaling to a weapon at any time, but with the Glintstone Wheatblade, it becomes much more versatile.

Wheatblade, found at the Royal Lucaria Academy in Liurnia, allows players to tweak any Ash of War to combat magic or frost damage and to scale with intelligence. This is a great boon to the player’s versatility, enabling them to use their intelligence to attack even their favorite Ashes of War.

2 Rock sling is powerful against magic-resistant enemies

Turned Casting Powerful Rock Sling Sorcerer Elden Ring

Witchcraft is powerful overall, but one area that holds them back is primarily dealing with Magic Damage, compared to more versatile spells. Also, enemies that prevent Magic Damage can prove to be a real thorn in the side of intelligence builders, especially in areas such as the Liurnia of the Lakes.

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Rock sling is witchcraft, which instead fixes physical damage. Breaking stones from the ground using gravity manipulation and throwing them at enemies is a high-damage sorcery that does not cause magic damage. As such, even if it is not universally useful, it would be useful to have any intelligence build in their back pocket.

1 Moonwheel and Darkmoon GreatSword are powerful

Tornish holding the Darkmoon GreatSword in the Elden Ring

While Elden RingThe Ashes of War system allows the player to customize most weapons to their heart’s content‌, there are also more stable special weapons in the game that cannot be changed. However, some of these are very powerful, and stand out almost immediately for their two intelligence builds.

Moonwheel is a Katana with heavy intelligence scaling found in the Gail Tunnel in Kylide, while Darkmoon’s GreatSword was obtained by quoting Runny the Witches. Both use intelligence, beat hard and have powerful weapon art. The only downside is that Moonwheel is a target for developer nerfing because of its power, and many in PvP are well accustomed to fighting it.

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