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The point may not be to begin with the description of the audio and visual aura that emanates from every moment of “everything at once”, but let’s try anyway.

This is a sophomore movie from filmmakers Daniel Cowan and Daniel Schneart, otherwise both are known as Daniel. Schneider has made another film of his own, but this is the first film they have co-written and directed since the 2016 film “Swiss Army Man”.

The film follows Evelyn Wang, who owns a clothing store with a bad family animator. As everything falls apart, he is forced into a multilateral dispute when it comes to paying taxes. She was informed by a different version of her husband, Wymond, that she must learn to use her own skills to fight the powerful Jobo gun to protect the multivariate.

“Everything at once” is the opposite of anything that has ever been created. It brings together global issues of family and destiny while making unacceptable ideas acceptable. It’s a film that uses every aspect of filmmaking to make a film about everything.

The film stars Michelle Yahoo as Evelyn, Ki Hoi Cowan as Wymond, Stephanie Sue as Evelyn’s daughter Joey, James Hong as Evelyn’s father, and Jamie Lee Curtis as IRS Agent Deirdre. Everyone gives their all in these roles, not only considering their special selves but also having the ability to easily move from other universes to different versions of their characters and embody the skills they offer. To do.

This is especially true for Yahoo and the players who play her family, as they do it all while speaking English, Mandarin and Cantonese. They cover every aspect of their role while capturing the heart and soul of every aspect of the film. Yahoo shows flawless limits in every version of itself, and the look of doing it is amazing as it reveals itself through battle, cooking or emotional complexity.

With its performance, the film is able to present its ideas, which are immersed in the wider science fiction. But the film skillfully moves on to inform Evelyn and the audience about these ideas while actively implementing them. In terms of writing, this is a blow to intelligence, as it has the potential to transform these large, philosophical and complex science fiction ideas into a remarkable and understandable form that viewers can follow.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It uses these concepts to tell the story of finding your way into the infinite multivariate while discovering what you can do to change the nature of these individual realities. A reality may seem more appropriate than the one you are currently living in, but there are steps that can be taken to make it all work, even if these steps are broken in your separate universe.

This is where the pure creativity of the film fills the viewer’s imagination with every possibility that this film has. From the universe where verse hopping was discovered where everyone has hotdogs for fingering, anything and everything is possible. The film has the ability to combine these different repetitions through Evelyn to help her in her quest, taking different skills from each universe such as her singing universe or her chef universe.

This aspect of the film has been brought to its full potential due to the nature of filmmaking, time and budget constraints. There are pictures of the potential universe shown here, which I just dreamed of a movie where Daniels was given unlimited time and resources to see it all come to fruition. That being said, it is unacceptable that the film was made on a budget of 25 25 million. They used every cent of it in the film, and it was all put on the screen for the audience to appreciate and enjoy.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. , Sinks all at once. bagel is this movie. However, I don’t think I’m going to consider a movie that goes for Infinity if it’s as beautiful as that.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Daniel used every aspect of filmmaking at their disposal to make this film. However, this is something that can only be cast in a movie. There is no other means by which I can think of anything that this film has accomplished, while the film creates Canon effects, like the Bruce Lee action films and the Wang Kar Wai drama. It’s not just the acting, the story or the screenplay structure that makes it, but also the technical aspects of the film.

The way the camera moves and places everything in the frame is accurate and calculated. It has the ability to gracefully pass between aspect ratios, angles and film styles as it is the ancient masters who work the camera using the techniques passed down through the generations. Along with the camera, the lighting intentionally combines action with color and light movement to convey specific ideas and emotions, with action to tell everything that needs to be seen in the scene.

The production design is out of this world, with many costumes, sets and props that bring out the different themes and influences in the film itself. For example, I love the Bluetooth devices they use for verse hopping, because the movie still feels inside a kind of reality and it gives the movie parts a DIY feeling.

The editing is absolutely intriguing, the film sometimes acting during a battle scene between several dimensions. The breaking effect used in conjunction with the camera is a perfect way to cover the divided emotions and universes that occur throughout the film.

Over time, the film could serve as a master class on how to combine a billion different layouts, ideas and perspectives into a single film. The ability to intersect between different universes in a sequence and bring each individual scene together in a unified form is a force to be reckoned with.

Ultimately, the sound design and music are all perfect. Everything works on this, whether it’s using cartoon sound effects for a specific setting, quoting a video game in the sound – I’m 100% sure there’s a Super Smash Bruce sound effect used here – or a “clear” De Lone “beautiful use. Which occurs throughout the film. Sound design and editing is compatible with every other part of the film, no matter how interconnected.

“Everything is at once” is one of them. I don’t think there will be a film like that or that would even capture a piece of what this film has to offer. It combines a wide range of worldviews, stories, and characters into one wild, emotional film, while at the same time unlimitedly illustrating.

This movie is special. We don’t get enough movies to use every aspect of filmmaking in a movie itself, let alone something that feels like a universe that combines two forces to create something that Take creativity out of its holes.

This movie changes everything we see as a movie. It changes how we see the world and the universe. It gives us the question of how we view life and everything it offers. It serves as a catalyst for unlimited possibilities which can be created by what grains you have this morning, what you said to the barista while ordering your coffee or if you have decided to take some kind of risk.

It’s a big, high, big, exciting, scary, beautiful, interesting, interesting, interesting, scary, beautiful, unforgettable and miserable part and that’s what we do with it. It takes it all and puts it into science fiction, martial arts, metastasis, several international, comedy films with a complex family drama in between.

Whatever you do, please go to any nearby theater, run, sprint, swim, drive or fly whatever sounds like “everything in one place at a time” As soon as possible as a human being. It’s a movie that not only wants to be seen, but it needs to be experienced by everyone, everywhere, at the same time.

5/5 torches

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