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Teaching and preaching weren’t at the top of Bishop Dorothy Daniel’s list of career choices.

“I wasn’t even a good student in school,” said Daniel, the senior pastor of Kingdom Life Family Center and the manager at Team Impact Christian University, both in Baton Rouge. “But once the truth started to be unraveled through books and Christian education, it was not so much as wanting to teach it as I just wanted other people to know.”

Daniel’s journey to finding her passion in teaching and preaching took a circuitous route.

The then-divorced and single mother left Louisiana in 1987 for employment and opportunities for her family in Los Angeles. While in California, she worked in hospital administration before retiring. She also started Bible college, developing a passion for God’s word.

“I got in Bible college and kept learning about the Lord,” she said. “I started evangelizing and telling my experience. … People started to be drawn to me. I guess they were drawn to what God put in me.”

As her understanding grew, so did her longing for Christ.

“I never knew how to have a real relationship with Christ,” she said. “To realize what the Scriptures actually mean and the principles of them, it made me love the Lord because you know that he had a plan before you got here.”

Daniel spent five years serving as an evangelist before starting the nondenominational church in Los Angeles about 20 years ago.

“Even in Los Angeles, I didn’t want to be a pastor,” she said. “Then I started feeling that compassion for people. It all starts on the inside of a person. You start feeling the love and the compassion to want to change yourself and your surroundings.”

After 10 years, Daniel moved Kingdom Life Family Center to Baton Rouge in 2009.

“We do a lot of teaching. We emphasize teaching the principles of God and how to divide the word of God,” Daniel said.

A key part of that “plain and simple” approach to teaching, Daniel said, is stressing the importance of daily walking with Christ.

“This is my focus — to make sure each person knows this is our way of living and not just a Sunday thing. I’ve always been curious to why God would give us a word that only works on Sunday,” she said. “In studying the kingdom of God’s principles, I realized that these things should be applied to our daily life.”

Daniel has had the opportunity to broaden her teaching as manager of Team Impact Christian University. The accredited school, which shares a location with the church at 8894 Airline Highway, offers programs from certificates in ministry to doctor of ministry degrees.

“It’s like public education. You can never have too many of them, because things are constantly changing,” she said. “Even though the word of God doesn’t change, the more you grow spiritually, the more you understand.”

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