Fans of the Duck Defenders must know in Class 2023

If you are already locked in the world of Oregon Ducks football recruitment, then this article is most likely not for you. This is for people who like to get involved and have knowledge of upcoming recruits, but may not yet be familiar with class 2023.

With the determination of Josh Conerly’s five-star offensive refuge last week, Dan Lanning and the Ducks gave a nice seal to the recruitment class in 2022 and closed the door at a high level. Now we can really start digging into 2023 and beyond and see how some of the best prospects in the country are beginning to flock to Eugene for visits, both official and unofficial. Many will be in the city on April 23 at the Spring Game in Oregon, and others are already filtering and leaving.

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So who are these boys? What names should you know? We have everything for you, but there are many. To help break things down, here is a list of high-profile defensive recruits that the Ducks have already offered. Some may be warm in Oregon and others may still be watching. However, if any of these guys committed to the Ducks, it would be a celebration. Here are the names to know:

5-star Chandavian Bradley

  • 6 feet-5, 210 pounds
  • National ranking: 28
  • Ranking position: 3

5-star CB Tony Mitchell

  • 6 feet-2, 180 pounds
  • National location: 20
  • Ranking position: 3

4-star CB Caleb Presley

  • 6 feet 0, 180 pounds
  • National location: 180
  • Ranking: 9

4-star CB Jasiah Wagoner

  • 5 feet 11, 170 pounds
  • National location: 118
  • Ranking: 14

5-star port at ATH Nyckoles

5-star ATH Samuel M’Pemba

  • 6-foot-4, 230 pounds
  • National ranking: 16
  • Ranking position: 2

5-star LB Malik Bryant

  • 6 feet-2,235 pounds
  • National ranking: 35
  • Ranking position: 2

5-star DL David Hicks

  • 6-foot-4, 250 pounds
  • National ranking: 4
  • Ranking position: 1

4-star DL Hunter Osborne

  • 6 feet-3,250 pounds
  • National location: 113
  • Ranking: 13

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