Farming family reflects on harvest, agriculture lifestyle

Before moving to a farm near Abernethy, Zucel Osiowy was a ‘city girl’ in Regina.

Osiowy was originally a physics teacher from Cuba, so learning the agriculture industry was a bit of a curve ball.

“It’s a learning process, everyday you learn something,” Osiowy said.

Osiowy has been on the farm for 14 years. She has relied on other farm wives to adjust to the new life.

“I have a friend, she told me, ‘don’t learn everything on the farm,’” Osiowy explained.

“I say ‘why’, she says, ‘because then you have to do everything’,” she added.

Osiowy did learn how to harrow and combine. She sat in the buddy seat and watched her husband, until one day, she took the wheel.

“If you know farmers, they just want you to go, go, go,” she explained.

“I just take it easy, and I try do my best, just to help him to get the crop off.”

When she isn’t on a combine, she’s busy cooking meals for the family. The Osiowy family is excited to get the crops the off. They farm canola, wheat and flax on 2.5 quarters of land.

When the crops are harvested, the Osiowys will burn the straw left from the flax, so it doesn’t get tangled in equipment during seeding in the next season.

“Even in the summer, I’m thinking about the flax, when it has to be burned,” Osiowy said, “That is one thing, that is very, very scary about the farm, when there’s a fire,” she added.

Safety is a priority on the Osiowy farm. Her husband Bruce Osiowy has learned a few lessons over the years.

“Communicate with each other, so you know where everyone is on a regular basis,” Bruce said.

“Make sure everything is well lit, because you know it gets dark early these days.”

Bruce said the crops look good this season, “We sure had good weather up until now. It’s been really hot and dry, and it’s been wonderful,” he said.

Harvest is often a battle with the weather, and a race against the clock. It’s a busy time and farm wives have to be adaptable, according to Osiowy.

She’s had to face many fears during her time as a farm wife, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We are fearless,” she said.

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