Federica Formula Fendi New Project: Triangular F-WWD

Federica Formali Fendi and Carlo Alberto de Emilio have been interested in the 90’s since they started working together at Fendisium, where they were responsible for research and photography of the young Fendi brand, which closed in 2001. To create their new project, Triple F.

“Our project is like a house. Everything you find at home, you can find here too. When you are at home you put your coat on the sofa, you take off your shoes next to the coffee table. , That’s how we wanted to organize things here, ”said De Emilio, co-creative director of Triple F.

Federica Formali Fendi and Carlo Alberto de Emilio, Project Founder and Co-Creative Director Triple F.
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Triple F, named after the initiatives of Federica Formula Fendi, was launched in the midst of an epidemic of cholera and cholera in 2020, with the goal of restoring and redefining cultural fragments. It mediates by receiving items or clothing from private retailers and reselling them through their e-commerce platform.

Casa Triple F in Rome

Casa Triple F in Rome.
About Triple F / Max Litra

“Vintage is something I love and that’s why we had so much fun in the early days,” said Formili Fendi. In addition, she explained, “We have a discount policy on our site that invites users to come back more often, to visit multiple times to see if an item has been discounted. For each month that the item is sold. Without further ado we are requesting a 10% discount for the first month, a 20% discount for the second month and a 30% discount for the third month. شی.

Thanks to the formality of Fendi’s knowledge and closeness to the fashion world, she and D’Emilio were able to choose exclusive pieces as well as original Fendi pieces for sale on their platform. This innovation formula in which buyers can become sellers and vice versa, allows the website to have a continuous exchange.

Casa Triple F Garden in Rome

Casa Triple F Garden in Rome.
About Triple F / Max Litra

But in addition to being an online sales platform, Triple F is also a creative space located in the historic building of the Via del Mantlet, in the heart of Rome – a place transformed into a home and workplace by various contemporary artists. As Formili Fendi explains: “Carlo and I always had in mind to act as our own creative space as an exhibition space, not as a store, because it seemed so close and special to us. There was an artist studio in and we thought it was suitable for us because of the history and beautiful location it felt like a house where our friends would host.

In the future, they want Casa Triple F to host events, perhaps book presentations or art exhibitions. As De Emilio puts it, “If there’s anything we find interesting, we’ll follow it, but there won’t be a calendar. It will all be very unpredictable and natural.”

Ultimately, through the project they want to “continue to get back something that may be old, or that we think might be destroyed, but this thing is liked, it has its own life, so we We want to raise awareness and continue to sell the beautiful pieces that have made our history and are still in our memories.

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