Filipino teachers were outraged by “politics” in school teaching

Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo, a candidate for the presidency in the Philippines for the 2022 election, speaks during the February 13, 2022, election campaign in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. REUTERS / Lisa Marie David / File Photo

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MANILA, April 8 (Reuters) – The Philippine Ministry of Education on Friday criticized teachers for a training module that contained negative content about presidential candidate Leni Robredo and praised incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte, including the fake approval of the British queen. was criticized.

In one online module, students aged 17-18 were asked to identify spelling, grammar, and content errors from a sample of news headlines, and to reveal statements that were “unfounded generalizations” that all belonged to opposition leader Robredo.

The module, set up in 2020, went viral on social media on Thursday, just four weeks after the presidential election.

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Duterte is not a candidate for re-election, but is in fierce competition with Robredo, who has criticized the response to the pandemic and the effectiveness of his bloody war on drugs.

The ACT Teachers ’Party, a group of teachers’ congressmen, expressed outrage at the teaching materials, saying teachers had struggled enough with the two-year pandemic restrictions on face-to-face teaching.

The statement said that “strict adherence to the procedures and guarantees in the production of the modules will give them justice and ensure that people’s taxes actually go to quality education, instead of low-quality teaching materials and policies.”

Education Minister Leonor Briones said the module did not go through the standard review process and has since been withdrawn.

In a text message, he said the authorities were also “making every effort to inform teachers of their involvement in party politics”.

In other exercises, there are quotations where students have to check accuracy, reliability and rationality, including about Duterte, who allegedly said the British Queen Elizabeth, “The Filipinos are very happy to have him.”

Robredo said on Friday that education authorities should not publish content that “poisons people’s minds.”

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Report by Neil Jerome Morales; Edited by Martin Petty

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