Five lessons from Mike Leach’s rebel struggle and football class in Mississippi

STARKVILLE – Mike Leach arrived on the podium at the Mississippi State’s Wingo Auditorium in a pink floral shirt and took his place to converse about the war.

The lesson taught by Mississippi Leach football coach and former Washington state senator Michael Baumgarner on Friday was about football, the rebel war, and how they intersect.

They discussed how resources could shape strategy, thought about what position Geronimo would play in football, and handed out homework to give them a chance to win passes at the start of the Bulldogs’ season against Memphis.

Mississippi defender Will Rodgers even showed up to discuss what it’s like to organize a comeback under pressure.

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Here are five lessons from the class:

An insurgent is usually a loser

By definition, an insurgent is a person who rebels against a government or civil authority.

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