Flight training at DeRidder Flight School

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – If you’ve ever wondered what Southwest Louisiana looks like from a bird’s eye view, you can check it out at Boregard Regional Airport.

Flight instructor Seth Sanders may look young, but he’s been around the plane all his life. And now, he uses his passion to teach others the joy of flight.

“People who want to fly, they want to enjoy working hard and doing well,” Sanders says. “It’s usually something they’ve been interested in for years. Seeing their faces during the first flight, flying around DeRider, flying over Boise or the Sabina River, seeing smiles light up their faces, it’s amazing to see. ”

While you can start learning to fly at any age, you can’t just sit in the driver’s seat until you’re at least 16 years old.

“I have a student who is 13 years old. She has her own small plane in the hangar and nothing scares her. I’m probably scared of her more in the air. Like the wind, she’s like it’s fun,” Sanders said.

While Seth teaches students how to fly, he now finally wants to make his own flight hours so he can help others as a medical pilot.

“Meanwhile, first-time pilots are trying to make their flight hours and maybe go to commercial airlines or just pursue a career,” Sanders said.

If you want to know more about obtaining a pilot’s license or a reconnaissance flight, you can find Propell Air LLC on Facebook or at propellairllc.com.

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