Forage School to teach the next gen of foragers these school holidays • Glam Adelaide

Come join us at Forage School and learn about wild edible plants and medicines living around us this Sunday, October 16. Foraging is an essential skill traditionally passed from one generation to the next.

Event host Jacqui Garcia from Edible Adelaide, organiser of Forage School, said this workshop is aimed towards children aged 5 -12 years and will cover the basics of safely identifying and preparing edible weeds.

The suburbs of Adelaide make for great urban foraging, and what better place to start than your own backyard. It turns out that common weeds are not just abundant but also very delicious.

Throughout the year there are loads of wild edibles in Adelaide that add more diversity to our diets, including wild fennel or three-cornered garlic. “This time of year, wild fennel adds a pop of flavor to salads and makes a terrific base for homemade chimichurri sauce”, Ms Garcia said.

Eating wild foods adapted to our local environment is also about increasing biodiversity. Increasing biodiversity includes increasing diversity in our food supply and diets. Did you know all our collective eggs are in the proverbial one basket? 75% of food for humans is generated from only 12 plants and 5 animal species. Three of them – rice, maize and wheat – provide 60% of the world’s food energy intake.

So, what’s the alternative? There are over 50,000 edible plants on the planet. Bioregions have many varieties of plants suited to local conditions requiring minimal to no external inputs like fuel, fertiliser and poisons. Many edible plants are available for free all around us.

“We invite families to begin their journey to connect with nature through the art of foraging wild food”, Ms Garcia said.

Each adult ticket holder can bring up to two children aged 12 years and under for free. This is part of the huge program of nature based events hosted during Nature Festival throughout the school holidays.

For further information and to register for tickets, visit

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