Forum Delivers Three Work-class ROVs to Brazil’s OceanPact

Forum Energy Technologies (FET), a company that supplies remotely operated vehicles to offshore energy industry firms, has delivered three of its 200HP Perry XLX-C work-class ROVs to Brazil-based OceanPact.

The ROVs built at FET’s UK facility at Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, will be deployed across two of OceanPact’s vessels to support inspection, repair, and maintenance services for the state-owned oil company’s oilfields (Petrobras).

“The 3,000 m depth rated compact 200HP XLX-C delivers the high performance of a work-class vehicle in a smaller form. The vehicles benefit from an impressive high flow auxiliary hydraulic circuit combined with a high payload capacity to carry additional tools and sensors, FET said.

Each XLX-C was supplied with an underslung tooling skid for additional tooling and options fitment, complementing the vehicles high performance. A comprehensive supplementary tooling package including torque tools, verification units and fluid injection systems was also provided, FET added.Credit: Forum Energy Technologies

The ROVs were supplied with active heave compensated Dynacon launch and recovery systems (LARS), as well as associated surface power and control installations.

As part of the scope, FET has also supplied a VMAX ROV Simulator configured with a complete XLX-C Console.

According to FET, the simulator is provided with a host of training exercises, or ‘scenarios’, each designed to train and evaluate pilot competence in a variety of skills such as tether management, manipulator control and operation of tooling.

VMAX can also offer bespoke scenario builds for training and engineering analysis purposes. Using VMAX as a pre-operation or pre-fabrication tool has proven to be a valuable way to verify equipment design, de-risk operations, and ultimately save time and money.

Simone PizzalatoFET’s commercial manager, said: “We continue to see a high demand for our latest generation of XLX-C vehicles as our customers realize the benefits of its enhanced performance within a more compact form.

“The business has an unrivaled history of producing the most technologically advanced vehicles to the market and we’re pleased to have been chosen by OceanPact to deliver their first work-class ROV fleet at such a pivotal time as it expands its subsea operations.”

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