France fires chief of military intelligence over Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine

France fires Eric Widod, director general of French military intelligence, for reducing Russia’s threat of invasion of Ukraine

A source in the Ministry of Armed Forces said In my opinion Widod was fired for “insufficient briefings” and “lack of grip on matters”, while Chief of Defense Staff Theory Burkard said. The world BBC News reports that Widod was fired after French intelligence services realized that their analysis of Russia’s intentions was wrong.

France is not alone in misreading the situation in Ukraine. The U.S. and Britain said on Wednesday that they were receiving misleading intelligence before and after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine because frustrated Russian forces were failing to reach key military targets, killing large numbers and now losing ground elsewhere. .

Jeremy Fleming, head of Britain’s cyber-intelligence agency GCHQ, said in Australia on Wednesday that “Putin seems to have misjudged the situation” and “the resistance of the Ukrainian people.” “Although we believe Putin’s advisers are afraid to tell him the truth, what is happening and the scope of these false judgments must be clear to the regime.”

Kate Beddingfield, director of communications at the White House, said that the United States was watching Putin’s misguided by the Russian military and that “there was a continuing tension between Putin and his military leadership.” “Putin’s war is a strategic mistake that has long weakened Russia and left it largely isolated on the world stage.” A senior State Department official told CNN that this was “information we now believe and that there was some truth in it before the invasion.”

“Putin seems clear that he can go into Ukraine, that his forces will not face resistance, and that he will warmly welcome those, including Russian-speaking areas in Ukraine, that he can capture Kyiv in 48 years, 72 hours,” a State Department official told CNN. “Every single element that he seems to believe turns out to be wrong. So, even if his advisers did not give him the complete obscure truth, even if he did not listen .. we saw it every step of the way.”

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