Friday Night Life returned with an impressive annual sketch show

The Sketch comedy group Friday Night Live once again returns to their annual live broadcast to remind students of the creativity and talent of their star studded cast. Live host Gage Morgan led the team through a collection of their 12 combined virtual sketches and live performances that left viewers speechless and appreciative throughout the night.

It took an entire semester for the parody show to come together as the cast and crew go through an extensive process, starting in January in the writing room. The cast is made up of students from all different backgrounds and adults with a common goal: to get together and make people laugh.

“It’s a lot of work and it’s late at night, but it’s all worth it when we hear people laughing,” Noah Elliott said of his first show as a cast member. Joining Noah on stage were comedians Jordan Brown, Devon Cranford, Mickey Kosciuszko, Aaron Farabagh, Christopher Hernandez, Julia Hoffman, Reagan Olinick, Delton Russell, Nick Schwab, Anna Seymour and Gage Morgan.

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