From street art to Steve Carey sneakers, Oakland artist Hyman’s creativity is boundless.

There’s really no way you haven’t seen Hyman’s work.

In just the past three years, the artist’s exciting, “atheist” style has illuminated Steve Curry’s new boot line, the left bikes in the Curry 8 and the first trainer. Her broken image of Pink adds beauty to the musician’s 2019 album cover. 2B human hurts; AndHer rotating color palette was featured in the 2019 line of “body paint” jumpsuits, jackets and athletes for the 21st.

Don’t look familiar yet? Maybe you remember Hyman’s collaboration with the North Face, the 2016 U.S. Women’s Basketball Team, or NYX Cosmetics? Or you may have seen her morale in Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, Gothenburg, Sweden, Port-au-Prince, Haiti or half a dozen other cities in the world? Or maybe you just got her last deep installation Family At the Berkeley Cell creative space, a publication inspired by pandemic-inspired isolation and self-metamorphosis?

Yes, you have seen her work. How can you not?

Hyman, aka Allison Turnerus, has been a prolific artist since childhood (“I’m very much a Macron,” he explains ruthlessly, “I’m a workaholic.”). But like the change in which he is caught Family, Turnerus emerged from her pandemic cocoon not only as an artist or business designer, but also as a multi-hypnotic creative director.

“I think a lot of the top people in the arts will look down on someone who does a lot of business, but these are projects that have given me a chance to do something. Family“Her creativity is not one or both, but both.

Tornirus grew up the only artistic child in a Philippine-American family in the East Bay. She did not dream of being an artist. It wasn’t really a profitable career path. Instead she chose a more practical path toward the design and media arts at UCLA, she might stand with him if it weren’t for her first exhibition at the San Francisco Gallery where she was 18 years old. Curiosity lifted the veil and sent her attention. Towards an unexpected future.

The other piece was put up after college when Turnerus started painting the walls. She felt so alive, so far away from the robotic, computer-based work she was doing, that she took on a new custom: Hyman. In the male-dominated graffiti landscape, Human’s signature “freestyle” method – in which he draws faces and pictures from open spray and paint stains. The more she worked, the more it worked: her morale began to rise, first in LA and the Bay Area هغه she was one of the first in LA since the city in 2013. Lifted the road art ban – again worldwide.

Human 2016 wall at the Academy for Peace and Justice in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.(Via ueHueman_)

Hyman immersed himself in exciting art for the first time in 2013 DrawingThe nine-day purchase of the 6,000-foot LA warehouse is packed with freestyle walls, creative collaborations, and exhibits.

“It felt underground and the fact that it started on its own was very important. I was able to control the web and culture of what was happening there,” she explains. “I’ve been looking for that dragon ever since. I want to create something completely immersive that includes the whole community and brings people together.”

With Family, Turnerus finally caught it, strangely enough the community gathers around a show about cholera isolation. Although the multi-room exhibition left Sail at the end of February, the exhibition, which was designed for travel, will reopen later this year at the new Miros Gallery in LA, and hopefully more will follow in others. Be down the road.

“It’s my eldest child right now,” Turnerus said.

In fact, though, she is the only one of the few children she is currently caring for, the most important being her two-year-old daughter, Sophie. “I’ve gotten a few big collaborations this year,” he notes, and “a few NFT projects are coming up in the next few months.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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Allison Turnerus, aka Hyman, at her Oakland studio.(Via ueHueman_)

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