From the President’s desk: March 2022

Dear members of the Sarah Lawrence Community,

By the end of March, signs of spring are emerging across our beautiful campus. The next six weeks will no doubt pass as classes, conference work, performances, events, and extracurricular activities intensify. In other words, in many ways, it feels like a typical spring break in Sarah Lawrence, with reminders abounding that this is our first “normal” taste in over two years. We know that the pandemic never ended; I am grateful to our community for applying common sense and mutual care while adapting and adjusting the policies needed to protect our collective well-being.

We are also pained by the many stress issues our world faces. Everyday coexistence is the big and small experience of life on a college campus, as well as the realities of a world in great crisis.

How do we approach these dilemmas? Above all, we remember the purpose of a college education, and more specifically our promise at Sarah Lawrence to equip students to deal with and thrive in the problems of a complex and rapidly evolving world.

Students on zoom call with students in UkraineLast week, a member of the Faculty of German / Literature Roland Dollinger And Associate Dean and Faculty of Russian / Literature Faculty Melissa Frasier Organized by a Zoom call with faculty and students at a university in Dinipro, Ukraine. Dozens of students, teachers and staff filled the pillow room of the library, eager to reach out and express support for rivals in a country under siege. It was heartbreaking to hear firsthand the realities we often see in the news, but it was invaluable. Hopefully Roland and Melissa will continue this new relationship and open this conversation to the future.

Our efforts to raise awareness among our students and the community about the current crisis in Ukraine will continue until April 5th. Dr. Donald Jensen, Director of Russia and Europe; US Institute of Peace, Boseman Lecture This Year – Named in honor of the late Adda Bosman is a renowned scholar of international relations and a member of our faculty for over 30 years. On the subject of “Putin’s war in Ukraine”, Dr. Jensen’s lecture is taken from his diplomatic experience in Russia and his work at the Institute of Peace. It’s going to be a hybrid event, one that our guests and audience will be able to attend personally on campus. Join via Zoom.

Among the many complications, the war in Ukraine is at the forefront of our global dependence on fossil fuels and the current climate crisis. This week, students, teachers, and staff led by our colleagues Slice (Sarah Lawrence Interdisciplinary Collaborative on the Environment), will be involved in worldwide teaching on climate and justice. Sarah Lawrence, Lecture on Climate Justice Mapping, Featuring a Student Reading Mary Howe’s Ecology Poetry Class and Guest David Rothenberg and a panel discussion on “From Climate Concern to Climate Action”. The “theme” for all of SLICE’s activities this year is moving from a place of concern to a place of work, helping to empower our students through their education, understanding the challenges and opportunities facing us and how to make a difference.

Finally, as you know, March is Women’s Historic Month, an annual celebration with roots in Sarah Lawrence; In 1979, Gerda Lerner, co-founder of our Women’s History degree program, was president of a summer institute that convened influential women from across the country, leading to the formation of National Women’s History Week, which eventually became Women’s History Month. The organization was also the forerunner of the SLC’s annual Women’s History Conference, founded by Priscilla Murolo, director of the long – running Women’s History Program. Last weekend, the 24th Annual Conference on Gender and the Covid Crisis was held. The president and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Dr. C. Nicole Mason said. Inaugural keynote address.

Students and members of the campus safety staffThis is just a glimpse of this very strange but ordinary march on campus. As we live together again on campus and build community, we had our own “March Madness” with a basketball game between students and members of our campus safety staff. The players and spectators alike had a great time – a win-win all around!

I hope you join us personally or online for different and different people Events We will be planning in the coming weeks as we harness the power of a Sarah Lawrence education together.


Crystal Collins Jude
President @
Instagram: slcprez

Recent announcements

In our galleries

Tomorrow, March 29, we will mark the inauguration Song of Songs: The Great Love Poems of the Bible in CalligraphyAn exhibition of Margaret Shepherd ’69 will run until June 12 at the Barbara Walters Gallery. It will be Margaret In conversation 4 pm with religious faculty member Ron Afzal, followed by an inaugural reception at 5:30 pm. Everyone is invited!

A new exhibition opened last week in the gallery at the Highbold Visual Arts Center. Yevgenia Barras and Pete Schultz – A joint effort between two artists who embody the power of communication only through art – will run until June 5th.

Climate change with Bernice Rosensewig

Earlier this month, Bernice Rosenseweig, a member of the Faculty of Environmental Science, gave a keynote address to a local community group entitled “Cities, Clouds, and Climate Change.” This is an enlightening discussion, I encourage you Look.

Including series

We presented four of our programs in March Involving The series is also busy in April, with three final events in the works. If you missed any of the events so far, you can See them on our website.


This month marks a milestone at our Center for the Urban River in Bexack (CURB): a team of staff, students and community volunteers Counted the 10,000th eel Part of the work with the state’s American Eagle Migration Project, which plays a key role in monitoring the health of the Hudson River.

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