Gabriel Arias said he “knocked on doors” in AAA Columbus class: Guardians takeaways

GOODYEAR, Arizona – For the second year in a row, field player Gabriel Arias has had a hot spring in the Arizona desert. And for the second year in a row, it made his way to the AAA Columbus class.

Arias was reassigned to Columbus on Monday, while left-wing Tanner Tully and extreme player Will Benson were reassigned to the lower league camp. The Guardians have 44 players in the camp, beginning the season on April 7.

“He had a great camp,” said manager Terry Francona. “We tried and hope we were successful to explain to him how much we love him.” Because on the day the child falls, sometimes this message is not received immediately. I think he understood. I’m hopeful.

“This child, we think his future is so bright.” We may not always agree on a timetable, and we admit it. But we think that if he can go to Triple-A and knock down the door, then he has a much better chance of coming to Cleveland not only ready to stay, but helping us win. “

Arias reached 0.571 (8 out of 14) with one double and three RBIs this spring. He appeared in seven games and had at least one hit in all of them, scoring 1,206 OPS.

Last spring he reached 0.615 (8 out of 13) with five RBIs in eight games. Arias spent the 2021 season in Columbus, where he led the Clippers with 124 hits, 64 runs, 29 singles, 55 RBIs and .802 OPS.

Francona said another reason why Arias was deposed is that lower league players suspended camp on Thursday.

“They have to start playing full games,” he said.

No. 1: Purity in the middle of the diamond

The recent degradations of Arias, Brayan Rocchi, Jose Ten, Richie Palacios and Tyler Freeman have cleared up part of the mess around the short stop and the second base. But the exact vision is still hard to see, especially with short tracker Amed Rosario making his left-field debut on Monday against the Rangers.

Rosario, Andres Gimenez, Yu Chang, Owen Miller and Ernie Clement are still in the camp. In addition to Rosaria, Gimenez has the best chance of playing short. Chang, Miller and Clement can play all four places in the field, but Clement is probably the best in third place, while Chang and Miller look comfortable in second place. They also supported Bobby Bradley at first base last year.

No.2: Green light

Francona said defender Josh Naylor will be available to the Guardians on Tuesday as they play against the Brewers at 4:05 p.m. at Goodyear Ballpark. Naylor is recovering from a broken right leg and ankle he suffered last season in a collision on a Minnesota pitch.

Naylor played lower league matches on Thursday and Saturday.

no. 3: The reason why

Monday was Shane Bieber’s day, but Adam Scott opposed the Royals. Bieber remained in the Goodyear complex and the lower league match began.

“It’s just a preference,” Francona said. “We’ll be playing in Kansas City again in 10 days or so.” That was all. And it gives us a chance to look at the other boys in the ‘A’ match. “

The Guardians will open the base season with a series of four games against the Royals on April 7 at Kauffman Stadium.

Eli Morgan, Trevor Stephan and Nick Sandlin were to follow Bieber in a minor league match.

Sandlin, who is recovering from a right bat injury in August, has not yet competed in the Cactus League in the spring. He is expected to start the match sometime this week.

“He threw the ball really well in his last game,” Francona said.

no. 4 Taking a position

Farmer Stephen Kwan squats low to the ground before getting into the box from the batsman. When inside, he stands upright and uses a high kick.

“I watched him on Monday (vs. San Diego),” Francona said. “He was the third inning striker and stood in front of the ground, timing the pitcher with a kick. I think his hand-eye coordination is probably off the table. “

Last year, Kwan scored 0.328 (97 out of 296) with 12 home players and 44 RBIs in 77 AA Akron and AAA Columbus classes. He posted 0.527 percent of the base, drawing 36 walks compared to 31 strikes.

Kwan has 100 walks and 87 strokes in his career.

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Trevor Stephan | Bobby Bradley | Josh Naylor | Yu Chang | Sandlin / Morgan

Austin Hedges | Sam Hentges | Anthony Gose | Logan Allen Tyler Freeman |

Ernie Clement George Valera | Nolan Jones | Gabriel Arias | Brayan Rocchio |

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