GEN2168: Youth Arts Festival is to promote creativity | Liverpool City Champion

Amira Halabi hoped to have something like GEN2168 in school.

The 20-year-old is facilitating workshops as part of the monthly Youth Art Festival in Miller aimed at encouraging the creativity and imagination of young people in the area.

GEN2168, produced by CuriousWorks and partner organizations, offers a series of post-school creative workshops and interactive arts exhibitions.

The inaugural event includes a film night outside of Youth Week.Pokemon, Detective Pikachu) Saturday, April 9 at 6:30 p.m. The event, which is being held in partnership with Liverpool Council, Home Community Services and Liverpool Neighbor Etisalat, will also feature short films by young Creus Works artists.

GEN2168 is hosting the festival’s closing night and block party on Saturday 23rd April (from 5pm to 5pm) at the Miller Center to celebrate the voices and creative views of the youth.

Amira Halabi at Miller Center. Photo: Chris Lane

Ms. Halebi, who lives in Miller, provides a poetry and word-of-mouth workshop for Miller Technology High School students. Since 2008, CuriousWorks has been working with school youth through ReFILL, an art program with 7-year-old students. The workshop program is an opportunity for 15-25 year olds to develop creative, civic engagement and leadership skills.

“It’s another form of poetry learning; somewhat unconventional with different exercises, skill development and relationship building,” she said.

“We make children think about the topics they are passionate about and the issues that affect their lives and teach them how to express their feelings in poetry through different methods that make them more aware. Engage and have fun. “

Ms Halabi said it was important for Miller’s children to have “the best ability to live” and to think about “more than just survival”.

“We want young people to use the skills they have learned in their youth; the goal is to make them smart, young good adults,” she said.

CuriousWorks plans to create the annual GEN2168 event and launch a sustainable creative investment with Miller Youth.

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