Germantown High School warns parents of potential dangers of ‘Splat Guns’

Memphis, Tennessee – Parents of teens at one high school in Germantown are warned that they are letting their children bring so-called “Ruby Split” to school.

An email from Houston High School management to parents addresses concerns about Ruby Spritz and their potential danger, and eludes a recent possible incident in high school.

“We wanted to make all of our Houston families aware of the concern we’ve recently encountered on our campus.”

According to Germantown police, police received a report in high school on March 25 of an explosion gun, but no further details were released because minors were involved and there was no information if anyone was injured.

Germantown District School District did not confirm or deny an incident that occurred with a spray gun.

Split guns like this shoot small gel beads that expand after being placed in water for several hours.

The beads, called Orbeeze Balls, are loaded into a bottle on the gun and fired at high speeds, exceeding 200 feet per second with the potential to cause injury.

Injuries have been reported across the country, some related to what is known as the Tic Tac’s Orbiz Challenge where innocent passers-by have been shot multiple times.

The email from Houston Hi did not address the Orbeeze challenge but noted the following:

“Splatty guns, like paintball guns, can be fun to use properly and in a safe place. Houston High School is not this place. Splatty guns pose a safety risk to all students and staff and will not suffer on campus. Any student caught with a splatter gun on campus will be subject to disciplinary action.”

This split gun, the Gel Blaster Surge, claims to be recommended for ages 9 and up and is fully automatic.

Gel Blaster Surge, a splat gun kit recommended for children aged 9 and up.

10-year-old Max Sesti got a feeling of an unloaded blaster gel with his mother’s approval.

“I heard about them in Tic Tac,” he said.

The kit comes with plastic goggles, which Max believes will prevent injuries.

“If they do not have the glasses do not do it because you might get shot in the eye and you may have to go to the emergency room or something,” he said.

GermanTown Municipal School District sent an email on Friday afternoon stating partial

“Our safety team has noticed a national trend of students bringing these toys to school. This email is designed to alert parents to the concern, discuss it with their children and be aware of the possible consequences.”

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