Gorey woman Lisa Power is named Emerging Leader of the Year at Retail Excellence Awards.

Store Manager at Hickey’s Pharmacy Gorey, Lisa Power is known for her optimistic outlook and it is this infectious positivity that recently landed her the title of Emerging Leader of the Year at the Retail Excellence People Awards.

he Ballywilliam native was one of just five people around the country shortlisted for this category earlier this year and on October 4, just four days before her wedding, she participated in a panel interview with the contest judges. At the recent awards ceremony in Galway, these judges described Lisa’s many qualities before awarding her the title of Emerging Leader of the Year.

“It was a big shock because there was no way in hell I thought I was going to win. I felt out of my depth. When they called my name, I nearly dropped to the floor. I didn’t believe it,” said Lisa, who has worked in Hickeys in Gorey for nine years and served as manager since March.

“They said I was unforgettable. I wasn’t sure how to take that but I think I will take it as a compliment,” laughed Lisa. “My whole life mantra is that if you put positive energy out into this world, it will come back to you. I just spoke to them about that at the panel interview and that’s what they mentioned back to me when giving me the award.”

At the awards ceremony, a segment of Lisa’s interview was played to the crowd. However, for Lisa, another interview conducted with one of her customers was particularly special to watch.

“One of my customers spoke about his cystic fibrosis, which was great because there will always be these awards but we have to get information out there about causes as well. He spoke about how he is on this new drug and how it has changed his life. It was brilliant.”

Since receiving the award, Lisa has received a huge amount of support from customers, colleagues and friends around the country.

“It was like my phone went on fire,” she said. “We have such a big network of work colleagues and I got calls and texts from so many of them, even those who I haven’t met before.”

“I was at the awards with my three main bosses. They were so kind and guided me along the way. I’m very lucky that I am around very strong women. They are inspiring to me because they’re doing it all and continue. to climb the career ladder.”

Winning the award was “the icing on the cake” for Lisa, who was named Gorey Person of the Year in February and got married in October. She is hoping her win will inspire others to put themselves out there and simply, be themselves.

“If it inspires anyone to get themselves out there, that’s what it is all about. There’s no point selling yourself short because you are brilliant. Everyone is brilliant in their own way. Everyone has something to offer.”

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