Gorisen : A Manga About The Kind Of PE Teacher

Are you in the mood for an offbeat comedy horror manga that will have you giggling and grimacing all at once? Then look no further than Gorisen, a manga that spoofs the hapless gym teacher who meets his maker first in every school horror flick. This energetic series follows the misadventures of Gori-sen, a gorilla-faced PE teacher with the worst luck and sense of direction imaginable. No matter what happens at Horror High School, you can bet Gori-sen will stumble into the thick of it, usually just in time to become the first casualty. With its over-the-top slapstick humor and gory demises aplenty, Gorisen is a hilariously macabre romp you won’t soon forget. So get ready to cheer on the world’s most accident-prone educator – and wince at his creatively gruesome ends!

Who Is Gori-Sen? Meet the Cursed PE Teacher

Meet Gori-sen, the hilarious yet ill-fated P.E. teacher of Gorisen High School. This big guy with a heart of gold and a gorilla-like face just can’t seem to catch a break. He’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially when spooky stuff starts going down.

You see, Gori-sen has the unfortunate curse of being the first to die in every school horror story. Whether it’s vengeful spirits, murderous monsters or kooky cults terrorizing the school, you can bet Gori-sen will stumble upon them first and meet his demise in some over-the-top fashion. But don’t feel too bad for him – thanks to the magic of manga, Gori-sen just keeps coming back, ready for his next comedic downfall.

Despite his constant brushes with death, Gori-sen remains upbeat and dedicated to his students. He just wants to share his love of physical education and see everyone get active and have fun. Unfortunately, his bumbling attempts at teaching often end in chaos and destruction. But his heart is always in the right place!

Gori-sen may be cursed for all eternity, but his zany antics and refusal to stay down for long will have you laughing at every turn of the page. Whether he’s fleeing from monsters or narrowly dodging dodgeballs, that big goofy grin never leaves his face. There’s no P.E. teacher quite like Gori-sen, the kind-hearted buffoon who brings plenty of spooks and chuckles. His bizarre misadventures are sure to become a favorite.

So why not dive right in and join Gori-sen for a escapade of laughs, scares and utter absurdity. Just don’t get too attached – we all know how this will end!

Gori-Sen’s Tragic Backstory: How He Got His Gorilla Face

How Gorisen Got His Gorilla Face

You’re in for a treat with Gori-sen’s backstory. This lovable oaf wasn’t always so gorilla-faced. Believe it or not, Gori-sen was once a handsome and popular student. He excelled in sports and had dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.

One fateful day, Gori-sen’s PE class went on a field trip to the zoo. While attempting to get a selfie with a gorilla, he fell into the gorilla enclosure! The gorilla, startled by his clumsy entrance, attacked poor Gori-sen and mauled his face. By the time zookeepers rescued him, the damage was done. Gori-sen’s face had been permanently disfigured to resemble a gorilla.

Heartbroken at the loss of his good looks and athletic dreams, Gori-sen fell into a deep depression. But his kindhearted homeroom teacher encouraged him not to lose hope. “Your appearance does not define you,” the teacher said. “Focus on developing your talents and pursuing your dreams.”

Inspired, Gori-sen decided to become a PE teacher himself. Though the gorilla attack left him uncoordinated and accident-prone, Gori-sen persevered. He overcame each failure and injury with positivity and determination. His gorilla face and silly antics brought laughter and joy to students and staff alike.

Gori-sen’s tragic tale reminds us that true happiness comes from within, not from superficial things like appearances or what others think of us. This lovably oafish PE teacher found his purpose and calling, gorilla face and all! What an inspiration Gori-sen is. His story will make you laugh, cry, and leave you more hopeful about overcoming your own perceived flaws or setbacks in life.

A Day in the Life of Gori-Sen: Clumsy Mishaps and Bad Luck

A Day in the Life of Gori-Sen: Clumsy Mishaps and Bad Luck

As the bumbling P.E. teacher at your school, no day is complete without some silly mishap or stroke of bad luck befalling you! From the moment you roll out of bed, clumsily tumbling to the floor, the comedy of errors begins.

After arriving late to school (as usual), you start the day leading your students in calisthenics. “One, two, three, four, now everyone wiggle like jelly on the floor!” you cheerfully shout. In your enthusiasm, you accidentally tumble into a mud puddle, covering yourself in muck. The students erupt in laughter at your muddy mess.

Later in science class, you volunteer to demonstrate an experiment. “Watch carefully, kids, as I show how chemicals can react!” You boldly combine two volatile substances, resulting in a small explosion that leaves your hair standing on end, frizzed out in all directions. The students clutch their sides, overcome by fits of giggles at your frazzled appearance.

At lunch, you eagerly dig into a plate of curry rice, unaware of the extreme spiciness. “This curry is as hot as a wildfire!” you exclaim, frantically gulping milk to extinguish the flames in your mouth. Your students shake their heads in amusement, used to your bumbling ways.

During P.E. class, you lead the students in a game of dodgeball, enthusiastically throwing balls every which way. In your excitement, you accidentally pelt the school principal right in the face! “Oh dear, my bad aim has struck again!” you cry. The principal scowls as your students try to stifle their laughter.

At the end of the day, you wearily trudge home, exhausted from your escapades. Though each day brings a fresh set of disasters, you maintain an optimistic spirit. Your students may laugh at your silly antics, but they also adore your cheerful and well-meaning heart. Their amusement and affection make all the clumsy mishaps worthwhile!

Gori-Sen’s Favorite Sports and Why He Always Loses

As the resident PE teacher at Horror High School, Gori-sen loves all sports! Unfortunately, his clumsy nature and terrible sense of direction often cause his defeat. His enthusiasm is admirable though!

Gori-sen’s favorite sport is dodgeball. He loves the thrill of throwing balls at students and watching them scramble. However, his poor aim means he usually hits the wrong students – or worse, the principal! After a few rounds, Gori-sen is covered in dodgeballs and knocked out cold.

Track and field day is another favorite. Gori-sen eagerly sets up obstacle courses and cheeringly encourages students to run their fastest. Sadly, he often gets lost on the way to events or confused by the course layout. By the time he arrives, covered in mud and leaves, the events have long finished and everyone has gone home!

Swimming is a perfect sport for the summer, Gori-sen believes. He excitedly blows his whistle and cannonballs into the pool, splashing everyone in sight. Yet somehow, after a few laps of the pool, Gori-sen ends up in the neighboring alligator-infested swamp! His students have to fish him out before he becomes gator bait.

Gori-sen’s passion for sports is boundless, even if his skills are not. His optimism and energy inspire students, when he finally shows up, that is! Though Gori-sen frequently suffers bumps, bruises and worse, his dedication as a PE teacher is unquestionable. His unlucky encounters and slapstick defeats bring much hilarity and adventure to the students of Horror High. May Gori-sen continue teaching for many frightening semesters to come!

Why Gori-Sen Is Always the First to Die: His Bad Sense of Direction

Gori-sen just can’t catch a break! His terrible sense of direction and knack for wandering into dangerous situations at the worst possible moment inevitably make him the first victim in any horror scenario.

Always in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Our hapless P.E. teacher seems to have a sixth sense for stumbling upon whatever sinister events are unfolding at school. Need to investigate strange noises coming from the gym at night? Gori-sen’s on the case! Notice a weird glow coming from the chemistry lab? Gori-sen will surely pop in to check it out!

While his curiosity and enthusiasm are admirable, Gori-sen lacks the awareness and caution necessary to survive a horror movie. His bumbling interference, no matter how well-intentioned, only serves to provoke the evil forces lurking in the shadows and hasten his own demise. Tragically, Gori-sen’s only role is that of an early casualty, sacrificing himself so that the protagonists might live on to defeat the villain.

No Sense of Self-Preservation

Most normal people, upon stumbling into a dangerous situation, would turn around and get out of there as quickly as possible. Not Gori-sen! Whether due to obliviousness, overconfidence, or sheer stupidity, self-preservation is not in this P.E. teacher’s skill set.

Gori-sen charges in without hesitation to confront whatever menace awaits, only realizing too late that he is completely out of his depth. His inevitable comeuppance is swift and brutal, though at least his foolish gallantry provides ample comic relief before the true horror begins! While we may facepalm at Gori-sen’s idiocy, we have to admire his enthusiasm and the humor he brings to any scary scenario. His premature demise is a tragedy, but his memory lives on, bringing a smile to our faces even in the grimmest of times.

All in all, Gori-sen’s terrible survival instincts and uncanny ability to die first combine to make him a uniquely lovable and comedic character. His absurd antics and over-the-top death scenes never fail to delight, even as we mourn the loss of such a well-meaning fool! Long live Gori-sen, the P.E. teacher who just can’t help but die!

Gori-Sen’s Students: Both a Blessing and a Curse

Gori-sen’s students are a constant source of headaches and hilarity. On the one hand, their youthful energy and zest for life bring him so much joy. Their laughter and playfulness never fail to lift his mood. But on the other hand, those rascals are always getting into trouble! Their curiosity and love of adventure lead them into the most ridiculous situations.

One day, a group of students decided to explore the old school building that was closed for renovations. They had heard rumors that it was haunted and wanted to see for themselves. Of course, Gori-sen caught them sneaking over there during lunch break. “What do you kids think you’re doing?!” he bellowed. The students froze in their tracks, caught red-handed. Gori-sen sighed, knowing he had to go in after them to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves.

Another time, some students took it upon themselves to redecorate the gym for the school festival. They were up on rickety ladders, hanging streamers and banners, when one student lost his balance and tumbled off! Gori-sen raced over just in time to catch the falling boy, toppling over from the momentum. “You little fool! You could have broken your neck!” Gori-sen cried. The student just grinned, overjoyed at being saved. Gori-sen shook his head, unable to stay angry at their youthful folly.

For all the trouble they cause, Gori-sen cares deeply for his students. Their enthusiasm and energy fill him with hope for the future. Though they may drive him crazy, life would certainly be dull without them! His students are both the bane of his existence and the light of his days. Such is the lot of any good teacher.

What Happens When Gori-Sen Doesn’t Die First? Chaos Ensues

What happens when Gori-sen doesn’t meet his usual fate of dying first in the horror story? Pure pandemonium! For once, the clumsy PE teacher survives long enough to witness the strange happenings around the school. And his reactions are absolutely priceless.

When spooky sounds start echoing through the empty gymnasium late one night, Gori-sen investigates while muttering about “those darn kids and their pranks again.” But upon entering, he finds the volleyball nets eerily swaying and basketballs ominously bouncing all on their own! His eyes bug out and jaw drops in a hilarious expression of shock and disbelief.

In another scene, Gori-sen stumbles upon a secret room in the basement of the school that he never knew existed. “Thirty years I’ve worked here and never came across this door before,” he exclaims. Inside are strange symbols and artifacts hinting at the school’s mysterious and sinister past. Gori-sen scratches his big gorilla head in confusion, trying to make sense of the weird discoveries.

When students start going missing one by one, Gori-sen teams up with a ragtag group of surviving kids to get to the bottom of the creepy happenings. Though not the brightest bulb, his fierce dedication to protecting the students makes him an unlikely hero. Gori-sen may usually suffer a quick demise, but in rare moments when he lives long enough to witness the strange goings-on at the school, his reactions are just priceless. You can’t help but root for this lovable and comedic character!

Memorable Death Scenes of Gori-Sen: His Demise Is Always Entertaining

Gori-sen’s untimely demises are always entertaining and over-the-top! This poor PE teacher just can’t catch a break. His clumsy antics and horrible luck land him in the most ridiculous death scenes. You never know how he’ll meet his end next!

One of my favorite death scenes is when Gori-sen is leading his students on a hike up a mountain. He gets lost (as usual) and ends up disturbing a hive of massive hornets the size of baseballs! The hornets viciously attack, stinging him all over his body. His face and limbs swell up to three times their normal size, and he tumbles down the mountain, bouncing from rock to rock. By the time he reaches the bottom, he’s completely unrecognizable. The students finally find their teacher as a horribly disfigured, bloated mess. So over-the-top and darkly comedic!

Another hilarious death is when Gori-sen decides to clean the pool as a surprise for the students. While scrubbing the floor of the empty pool, he slips on the wet surface, hits his head and falls unconscious. The automatic pool vacuum turns on and slowly makes its way toward the unconscious teacher. It proceeds to suck up his loose gym shorts, trapping him in the pool. By the time the students discover him the next day, the pool vacuum has sucked up most of his clothes (and some flesh!). His tangled, half-naked body is stuck to the pool drain, yet another ridiculous end for the hapless Gori-sen.

Gori-sen’s crazy antics and silly deaths are endlessly entertaining. You never know how this clueless gorilla-faced teacher will meet his demise next. Whether it’s disturbed killer bees, malfunctioning gym equipment or his own sheer clumsiness, you’re always in for an over-the-top surprise! His ridiculous and exaggerated death scenes will leave you chuckling at his misfortune while also feeling a bit sorry for the poor guy. Gori-sen’s fate may be sealed as the first to die, but at least he always goes out with a bang!

FAQs About the Manga: All About “A Manga About the Kind of Pe Teacher”

Are you curious to know more about the quirky manga “A Manga About the Kind of PE Teacher”? You’ve come to the right place! This FAQ will tell you everything you need to know about this comedy horror series.

What’s the story about?

The story follows Gori-sen, an unfortunate P.E. teacher with the face of a gorilla who always seems to die first in horror stories set in schools. Despite his clumsy and dim-witted nature, Gori-sen means well and just wants the students to enjoy physical education. However, his bad luck and terrible sense of direction often land him in dangerous situations, usually resulting in his untimely demise. This manga provides a fresh twist on the horror genre by making light of the expendable P.E. teacher trope.

Who is the main character?

The protagonist of the story is Gori-sen, the gorilla-faced P.E. teacher. Although not the brightest crayon in the box, he is friendly, enthusiastic, and cares deeply about the students and physical education. However, his oafish and unlucky nature, combined with his tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, often lead to his death. Despite this, Gori-sen continues to return in each chapter, as upbeat and dedicated as ever.

What genre is this?

“A Manga About the Kind of PE Teacher” belongs to the comedy horror genre. While containing elements of horror like deaths and scary situations, the manga parodies and satirizes the genre by using slapstick humor and an exaggerated, over-the-top style. The deaths of the main character are more absurd than frightening. This blend of horror and comedy provides an entertaining twist on the school-based scary stories.

This FAQ should have answered all your pressing questions about the comedy horror manga “A Manga About the Kind of PE Teacher” and its good-natured yet ill-fated protagonist, Gori-sen. Let me know if you have any other queries!


You’ve just discovered a hilarious new manga that will have you in stitches. Gorisen puts an amusing twist on the typical horror genre by focusing on the clueless PE teacher who always meets his demise first. This lovable gorilla-faced sensei just can’t catch a break, with his clumsy antics and terrible sense of direction constantly landing him in hot water. Whether he’s accidentally stumbling upon the villain’s secret lair or getting hopelessly lost during a school field trip, you’re guaranteed an entertaining read. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the comedy and chaos of Gorisen – your funny bone will thank you!

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