Governor Ivey announces 36 new classrooms to be funded by Pre-K to Grade 3 Integrated Early Learning Approach

Montgomery – Gov. Kay Ivy and the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education announced Friday that 36 new classrooms will be funded through Pre-K to 3.рд Integrated classroom approach to early learning (P-3). This brings the number of classrooms affected by the P-3 approach to 260 in 23 provinces.

“Today’s announcement is part of the ‘Strong Start, Strong End’ initiative, which will help our children succeed in school, their careers and their whole lives.” said Governor Ivey. “P-3 works to coordinate achievements in First Pre-K class so that students can continue to receive quality education. I am proud that we can support teachers and school leaders so that they can provide students with the best examples of learning over the years. the first priority is to continue. ”

Recipient schools are:

  • Harmony Elementary School in Coolman County
  • Geneva County Elementary School in the province of Geneva
  • Bradford KinderCare in Huntsville
  • Sugar Creek Elementary School in Limstone County
  • University Charter School in Livingston
  • Lupton High School, Valley High School, Curry Elementary School and Parrish Elementary School in Walker County.
  • Double Springs Elementary School, Edison Elementary School, Lynn Elementary School and Meek Elementary School in Winston County.

“The P-3 approach combines guidance, guidance and assessment to create a school environment that improves student outcomes” said Barbara Cooper, secretary of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education. “Appropriate developmental practices implemented in the classrooms under the guidance of our experienced educators will be strengthened with the participation of principals at the Academy of Leadership, where school leaders will learn about the latest science about brain development at this crucial time.”

The goal of the P-3 approach, now in its sixth year, is to extend the duration of early learning from first grade to third grade.рд class. The Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education and the Alabama Department of State work together to coordinate learning experiences, assessment, and guidance from grades K through grade 3.

The P-3 approach works to ensure student success and address gaps by expanding access to a nationally recognized and high-quality program model First Class Pre-K and taking into account the most successful components of the K-3 initiative to build a solid foundation. early learning experiences that contribute to student achievement and success.

In addition to classroom funding, administrators will have the opportunity to participate in the National Association of Primary School Principals (NAESP) Pre-K-3.рд Academy of Class Leadership. To date, 79 Alabama elementary school principals and school system administrators have successfully graduated from the academy, with another 18 to be completed by April. The first joint initiative of its kind in the country, the P-3 Leadership Academy, will be provided in partnership with NAESP and the Board of Governors of Alabama Schools (CLAS). This is the only program in which participants receive a national certificate of certification upon successful completion of the program.

P-3 is funded by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education through the Governor’s Initiative “Strong Start,” “Strong Education,” and the Federal Preschool Development Program through five renovation grants.

Research findings from early multidisciplinary learning interventions show that components of the P-3 approach can be combined to make a positive contribution to young children’s learning and to pave the way for children to succeed by the end of year 3.рд class.

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